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Matthew Williams
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PostSubject: ~THE RULES~   ~THE RULES~ Icon_minitimeThu Dec 09, 2010 11:40 am

I know, I know, rules aren't fun, but they're important!

- This is an AU, so make ages appropriate. For example, students should be between the ages of 11 and 18, and teachers should be 20 or up.

- No Gender-bends or OCs. It doesn’t make sense to me why you’d want to RP an OC, it sounds pointless.

- No bullying, sabotage or general rudeness. If someone is bothering you, though, come to me or a moderator, and we’ll sort it out.

- No god-modding. Oh, please don’t, controlling other characters isn’t fun or fair!

- This is a literate RP. No *action*, /action/ or – action – type of responses. Keep it to the chat-box, people!

- I’m not expecting a novel, but please try to write at least a few lines each post. No one-liners. And I know it’s hard to predict the other’s moves, but you just have to try.

- When you want a specific person in your chat, mark it with [Name], and if you don’t want someone specific in your chat, mark it with [open]. Anything with explicit content should be marked with [M] or [M+], depending on how explicit it is.

- When talking to someone out of character, use [[these]] or ((these))… Or at least, indicate when you’re talking to them in some way.

- I would prefer it if you were 13 or over for this RP. I know it sounds silly, just trust me.

- Be comfortable with things such as sexual themes, homosexuality and explicit language.

- Resentment between characters doesn’t mean resentment between players, don’t hate on a player because of their character.

- Try to be active. If you are going to be inactive for about a week or more, tell us on the Hiatus thread.

- Don’t kill off characters, it’s not fair to the character. They cannot be resurrected, so please refrain from doing so.

- No Twilight references. Please! Or any other references. We're not taking someone's idea of a vampire, we're using the common ideas. However, if it's more convenient, state your adaptations for the species. Does that make sense?

- If your character is 18, and passes the summer holidays, he/she graduates. You have to fill in the graduate form, it's a requirement~ Don't worry, it's short!

- If you’ve read the rules, tell me what colour shirt you’re wearing when I ask you a specific question.

- Have fun!
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