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 Nikolai Korsmo [Norway] Application [a c c e p t e d]

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Nikolai Korsmo [Norway] Application [a c c e p t e d] Empty
PostSubject: Nikolai Korsmo [Norway] Application [a c c e p t e d]   Nikolai Korsmo [Norway] Application [a c c e p t e d] Icon_minitimeMon Dec 13, 2010 2:59 pm

~ T H E C H A R A C T E R ~

Nikolai Korsmo [Norway] Application [a c c e p t e d] 5337713_m

Full name: Nikolai Korsmo
Age: 16
Hometown: Bergen, Norway

Creature: Half-Blood Nøkk
Favourite Subject: Gym -merely for swimming in the pool-
Extra Details: Please try to ignore the seemingly disconnected lock of hair beside his head. It annoys him when you mention, bat, touch, or even stare at it.

Physical description:

Standing at 5'7 feet tall, Nikolai is rather tall for his age. Then again, that does help when he doesn't care to hold conversation with strangers. Just stand up and tower over them to drive them away. Atop his head lies platinum golden locks, more silvery than blond in anyone's eyes and occasionally a hat, something often found in his possession. For some reason, the Norwegian just loves to wear beret type hats. His eyes are a piercing blue, cold as ice and able to send shivers down a person's spine at a glance. The look on his face is almost always stoic. To others, it looks like the man doesn't even have the muscles required to move your own mouth.

Usually, Nikolai is always dressed as if he were going out to a concert. The man isn't much for overcoats so his most normal attire is a vest, button-up shirt, and slick suit pants. However, if it were to be a warmer day, one he isn't much used to, he can be found without the vest and maybe even in 'normal' teenage suited clothes. Don't count on catching him in it, though.


The nøkk itself is a fairly peaceful creature despite popular belief. Myths and stories were created to personify them as some sort of male siren who lures women and children into the water with music to drown in a trance. Just to start with, that is mostly untrue. The majority of nøkk play for beauty's sake, attracting the 'victims' merely by chance. It is then when the single man chooses what he does with the human being, whether it be good or bad.

This creature is known for its looks, most of all. In human form, it's beauty can only be compared to those of the elven race. Again, despite the stories created against them by human beings, the nøkk are indeed fully clothed. There may be a few idiots running amuck in their birthday suit but most of the race are finely dressed in clothing a perfect match for their musical skills. Speaking of such, the men are incredible with the violin. This is no mere stereotype, either. Just about every single nøkk is extremely skilled for the instrument. They could be seen playing by a stream for their own entertainment or to spread the melody throughout a nearby town.

The nøkk are also known for their other ability, shape shifting. Although they are most depicted in human form, the men are known as 'he with no true shape' among other few races. The creatures are rather more used to their slender bodies, however, so it is a common shape for them. The other most common is an imitation of a bækhesten, or brook horse, a similar stereotyped creature.

Although there are close related female versions of this species, a good half of the population is known to mate with human women. The only cause of that is their offspring would in turn, only be a half-blood. This is none too horrible a con but these infants would suffer the small fee of never being able to have the full abilities as a natural nøkk.


Nikolai is a fairly reclusive person. He has a habit of fading away from crowds simply for his dislike of strangers, leading himself off to somewhere more peaceful. Do not be surprised if the young man completely rejects you as an acquaintence. It's rather common in his case to the other's around him. Too his dislike, however, he does have a habit of attracting people with both his looks and talent. Usually, someone of his race would be complimented by the attention but the only way to really get on the man's good side is a duet. Only one person has ever come close to performing a nice duet with him but it was below the Norwegian's standards at the end. There may be a way to get around the hard exterior if you try hard enough, however.

The teenager has a strange attraction to those of the fairy race, however. Strange to him at least. Those few will most likely get a kinder reaction but still cold, nonetheless. Usually, elves and trolls even tend to not see Nikolai push away, either. Elves are preferred for their beauty and trolls for their strength. All in vain for the man but still, an odd attraction to say the least. He has never taken lightly to humans or even his fellow nøkk. Never explained to himself in his own mind, the Nordic simply leaves things be.

Nikolai has a love for music, defined by his race. With more of an individual standpoint, however, he also has a love for good literature. There is also a small obsession of his which he refuses to admit in public. Something to due with cute things or basically just about anything adorable. If you were to do a bit of snooping, a stuffed pink rabbit can be found on his person at all times. Given the fact that the young man has many, they are almost different every day. Some sort of a cycle, if you think about it.


A rather unpopular myth. One of love. Of course that would be why it's so unpopular. Romance is usually dropped for more exciting things. There is such a tale for the nøkk, however.

One of a man apart of the race playing his violin one midsummer's night only to attract the attention of a young woman. The performance was given, afterwards only having the nøkk return to the water leaving the lady in awe of his beauty. Days passed, even weeks which turned to months. The woman would visit the same spot each night only to leave in disappointment and with the fear of never seeing the strange man again. Though one Thursday night, the lady returned to catch the man emerging from the nearby lake, only just beginning a performance. She stepped out into the open and sat just on the edge of the water to make her presence known. The nøkk had taken notice with a glance and played for the woman till the witching hours gave way to dawn, signaling the man's end of show. The woman would not have it, however. A hurried confession was cried, met with gratitude of the man she couldn't even mark as a human. A promise was made that night, a promise that could never have been kept. The nøkk had agreed to live with the female. Much do the lady's grief, however, the promise was broken after very few years. The man could not stand to be away from water any longer and broke his word in an escape without good byes. Or so the two thought.

Over come with sadness, the woman nearly took her life before learning she herself was pregnant with the nøkk's child. This did nothing but worsen his depression but if anything at all, it kept her alive through the pregnancy. Soon within the months, Nikolai was born on May 17th, a Thursday. The mother died exactly a week later at the foot of the lake she had fallen in love, leaving the young half-blood an orphan.

Kept amongst human children sharing somewhat of a similar fate with him, Nikolai grew up naturally with his dislike of the human race. He knew what he was and so did the other children, or at least according to them, the outsider of the group. They surely must have not known the race he hailed from considering, in his own words, how stupid they were. Raised with the taunts and teases of the children, the Norwegian's hard exterior naturally was born at that orphanage.

The young child was soon adopted by a rather rich family, purely for social status and looks amongst peers. Selfish reasons but either way, it gave the boy a home. Of course, Nikolai instantly took up his heritage's favourite instrument when asked by his new father what he would like to learn. That in turn translated as 'what are you going to do to make us look good' but he didn't care all to much. In his eyes, humans were all the same whether they be vain like his new family and the children he was raised with or the mother that took away her own life rather than care for the one she brought into the world. Other talents were gained as well but none surpassed the Nordic's abilities with the violin.

Sent to a private school within Bergen's reach but still outside lines, Nikolai was once again forced to deal with the bain of his existence. It was easier on the young man time around, however. Not one found out about his true race and simply treating him as one of their own.

Curiousity soon peaked the man's interested as he began taking up reading more challenging feats. Mythology and the history of his own people, for one, ignoring those many that tell horrible tales of drowning and decievement. Almost right away, Nikolai began to wonder why he himself was not fully owned up to his people. He even began to grow a resentment based on jealousy. His interests with water were the same, abilities with music, and even his looks were the same. The only thing lacking was the shape shifting mentioned so often in these stories. No matter how he tried, the blond couldn't even change the colour of his skin. This soon led to his interests in the Zodiac school. A school that bragged upon teaching creatures about their own powers along with human studies. His only wish soon became to attend this school and unlock his hopefully ability to change form.

Nikolai, as far as his knowledge goes, is most likely the only student of Zodiac to enroll on their own of their free will.

Other Information: If you can't find him, look for a body of water. He's probably there.

Role Play Sample:

{{taken from a steampunk!AU where I play barman!Norge}}

Within Granor Great Hall, past the workers setting up for The Granor Soiree's first Masquerade ball, was a well taken care of bar meant for occupation by whomever was catering the event. This year was the Town of Zequea's very own Nordic Bar. An unoriginal name but short, sweet, and to the point.

The temporary bar was well kept enough to the point of where it looked as if no one had ever even used it before. The floors were waxed earlier on the day before, the tables were wiped down along with the chairs, everything was dusted as if there was any dust to begin with, and to top it all off, the glass's shined like diamonds. Unfortunately, among all the perfection, there was one blemish on the counter. Nikolai Korsmo, the co-owner of the Nordic Bar, was perched on the far end of the wood-top counter polishing his beloved violin. Having brought the instrument from his home, he honestly didn't want to leave it alone if the bar were broken into over the week. Even though just about everyone from the town came along with the Nordics, it was never a bad thing to be safe.

The Norwegian looked out with his face as apathetic as ever, glancing around at the cleaning going on or at least from what he could see. A sigh emitted, returning his gaze back to his possession, giving it one last wipe before deciding to put it away. The man hopped down and stepped behind the counter to place the violin in a safe place he'd found while cleaning up.

There was nothing else to do. He'd done just about all there was to do in the area he was allowed to roam with the commotion and his family skipped out earlier. The man thought at least Tino would keep him company out of pity. Nikolai was told at least one person would have to be in the bar at all times when the hall had other's inside and he just happened to end up as the unlucky, bored-as-hell soul.

Walking over to a patron's table, another perch was made of the top seeing as how the man didn't feel like disturbing either of the chairs. This bar they'd been offered was ... too pretentious for his tastes. The bar back home was a worn down piece of shit but it was what he was raised in.

Another look around with his piercing blue eyes, a headache was brewing in the back of his mind, knowing for a fact this was going to be a long week. Nikolai stepped off the table and stepped toward the frame the officials liked to call a 'door', slightly amused at the sight of Birger flying around. At least he was enjoying himself. Einar was probably outside the apparent cage for the Nordic as well, wandering above the crowds knowing him. Seemed like everyone ditched the man for more fun things to entertain themselves with.

~ O O C I N F O R M A T I O N ~

Your name: Just call me norge or ita~ X'D;;
Age: 17
Time-zone: GMT -5
Did you read the rules?: Pink~ =v=
Anything else you want to add: ....nothing else really~ 8D;;; Expect fanart for this rp from me, though~
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Nikolai Korsmo [Norway] Application [a c c e p t e d] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Nikolai Korsmo [Norway] Application [a c c e p t e d]   Nikolai Korsmo [Norway] Application [a c c e p t e d] Icon_minitimeWed Dec 15, 2010 12:24 am

Fanart would be awesome :D You are accepted, great application (I'm loving all these varied creatures we're getting) let's see if we can break through that hard shell, eh? Feel free to change your name and sttart posting. I'll probably be starting a 'first day of the new term' thread later if you want to look at that.
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Nikolai Korsmo [Norway] Application [a c c e p t e d]
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