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 // Yggdrasil Revival //

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// Yggdrasil Revival // Empty
PostSubject: // Yggdrasil Revival //   // Yggdrasil Revival // Icon_minitimeMon Jun 13, 2011 12:58 pm

// Yggdrasil Revival // 385533copy

Yggdrasil Revival

Without warning, the great tree of Yggdrasil has withered. Where spring and summer breezes joyfully encouraged children outside, and the land around the holy tree was full of greenery and life, now is ravaged by never-ending blizzards and storms. The land is dead and cold.

Inside the now-dead tree resides the top magic academy- Koterne. It has been here for hundreds of years, catering to the most promising of Mages. They too have been affected by Yggdrasil's death, their student and teacher body cut in half. Every White, Fire, and Earth Mage have vanished from the hollowed out rooms in the Great Tree. Again, there is no explanation for this occurrence.

Now, there is only one thing to do. If there is any hope to finding the missing students and staff, and returning the land to it's former glory, it is in reviving Yggdrasil. As an aspiring or already dedicated Mage, certainly you are the ones best qualified for this task.

Until then, the world will continue sinking into a frozen death.

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// Yggdrasil Revival //
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