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PostSubject: Pink Mochi~   Pink Mochi~ Icon_minitimeSun Sep 11, 2011 6:09 am

Great forum, badly in need of dedicated rpers. Im a friend of the admin, she asked me to help her advertise. So please! Check it out! :3 Thanks guys

The Hetalia roleplaying forum, Pink Mochi, is looking for new members! We are an AU-themed forum, with more than one theme going on for rpers to enjoy and more are most likely to be set up in the future! Please this awesome forum doesnt have all the mains and oc's are welcome!

We are looking for rpers who are certain that they can devote their time and attention to post regularly; we had enough troubles with people who just register and then stay inactive for weeks, giving no notice or warning about their upcoming absence. That’s why, to make things easier for all of us, please register only if you are sure you want to devote!~

On the site, you can see the current members, aka characters already taken that you can’t apply for. If you find a spot youd like to snatch, please register and post a tryout there, accordingly to the sample provided and other people’s tryouts; we’re quick to give you an answer so you wont need to wait long for our decision!

We’ll welcome with open arms anyone who would like to join our forums; we’re a nice bunch, all in all. Except England, he’s usually a grumpy, punk rosbif but moi makes up for it, being utterly sexy, well-mannered, cultured, amazing, with perfect manners and a heart and body that just awaits to love the world~

So far the AU'S are a Magic AU and Steampunk AU, A Harry Potter one is coming soon.

Its highly active~ There are main characters open~ Most OCs are open as well. And is currently on the look out for Nrodics and Asains.
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Pink Mochi~
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