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 Halloween (Open!!)

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Keith Smith

Keith Smith

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PostSubject: Halloween (Open!!)   Halloween (Open!!) Icon_minitimeSun Oct 30, 2011 10:03 pm

Decorated with fake spiderwebs and pumkins in the corner and an overall darkness around the room, this particular rec room looked like it came from a children's story book on halloween. Except this one had beer and more realistic blood than a blood bath. Keith agreed to himself that Halloween was the best time of year and not only that, that he had the best costume ever!

A torn flanalet shirt (wasn't that hard to find thanks to his wardrobe of torn an already naturally blood stained clothes), a fake machete and loads of fake blood. A slasher. A murderer. He was proud of himself for thinking up an being able to make the costume himself. The Australian teen leaned back in a black beanbag cracking open a can of beer. He place it to his lips chugging half the can before pulling away basking in the happiness, "Ah!" He said happily putting the can net to him.

Keith leaned his head back closing his eyes, a small nap wouldn't hurt would it?
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Félicité Canella

Félicité Canella

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PostSubject: Re: Halloween (Open!!)   Halloween (Open!!) Icon_minitimeWed Nov 23, 2011 5:24 am

It was the most magical night of the year. 'Monsters' were dressed up, average humans were dressed up and nothing distinguished the two except perhaps odor for those with a keen enough nose. As Felicite was nothing if not festive, she felt obligated to partake in the masqueraded merry making. Although she would have greater enjoyed celebrating All Hallow's Eve out in the surrounding town, it was a little chilly to be parading about dressed as Tinkerbell.

She had taken great care in choosing that particular costume. It would not offend anyone, it fit her well and she jumped at the excuse to weave flowers into her hair. Of course, she had to trade her usual high heels for shoes that looked as if they were made out of leaves but having to put up with her true lack of height was a price she was willing to pay. Besides, if she was wearing a dress that appeared to be made of light pink over sized rose petal, Felicite needed shoes that matched.

The young woman entered the recreation room of the Zodiac School to find it decorated to the brim. Cute pumpkins, cheesy fake cobwebs, fake -or so she hoped- blood and a very realistic looking psychotic murdered in the corner. She was overtaken by curiosity to investigate it so she did, walking and leaning over the supposed slasher and gently prodded it with her finger.

Halloween (Open!!) Vfj-1
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Halloween (Open!!)
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