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 ~ Finland ~ [a c c e p t e d]

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Former Finland

Former Finland

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~  Finland ~ [a c c e p t e d] Empty
PostSubject: ~ Finland ~ [a c c e p t e d]   ~  Finland ~ [a c c e p t e d] Icon_minitimeWed Dec 15, 2010 4:13 pm

~ Finland ~

~  Finland ~ [a c c e p t e d] 1484-510

Full name: Tino Väinämöinen
Age: 17
Hometown: Unknown forest area , Finland.

Creature: Elf ( Light Elf)
Favourite Subject: Music Class
Extra Details: Enjoys Gardening and spending time outside but not Sports.

Physical description:
Light blonde hair, bright violet/blue, pale white skin and a small feminine frame.

Biology: Elves are usually small, but it depends. We're seen as the "soul of the nature" godly creatures that can use magic; which can be good for humans, but also bad. Though often mistaken as fairies, but we're not, We usually live places where people don't usually come to such as deep in the woods, or by lakes. We're not very social creatures so not much is known about us,and we don't really like to show themselves to others.

He has a shy personality, but extremely curious and a bit naive as well. He's very optimistic~
He has lived his entire life in a secluded forest, Far away from the human world. Tino decided to finally change and left the forest and somehow ended in front of the school gate. It took him a while to realize just what kind of school this was but he was happy to have arrived.
Other Information:

Role Play Sample:
( This was done a last year XD but I like it~)
Tino walked quietly down the hallway,holding in his arms a small bottle of tonic and white cloth. He stopped a wooden door, knocking gently on the rim of the door. " Sve.." He heard the door unlock and a hand pulling him into the dark room. " Sve..." Tino saw the tall blonde man, his body cover in bruises and possibly blood. Gently Tino approach the man " Sve, let me help you..." Sweden backed away from him. His dark blue eyes reminded of Tino of a wounded animal. " I't w'll h'rt" he muttered.
" It will hurt a lot more if I don't.."


Your name: Kikki Tashio
Age: 16
Time-zone: -
Did you read the rules?: Dark Purple
Anything else you want to add: ^-^'' I'm very sorry I took so long... I been sick for the past week
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Matthew Williams
Matthew Williams

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~  Finland ~ [a c c e p t e d] Empty
PostSubject: Re: ~ Finland ~ [a c c e p t e d]   ~  Finland ~ [a c c e p t e d] Icon_minitimeTue Dec 21, 2010 11:40 pm

Glad to see it's finished! At some points, it's a bit dull, because I was hoping for something a little more descriptive and interesting, but you do seem to know what you're doing, so you're accepted! Go change your name etc etc and get in the game!
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~ Finland ~ [a c c e p t e d]
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