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 Spain // Antonio Fernandez Carriedo Application [a c c e p t e d]

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Antonio Fernandez

Antonio Fernandez

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Spain // Antonio Fernandez Carriedo Application [a c c e p t e d] Empty
PostSubject: Spain // Antonio Fernandez Carriedo Application [a c c e p t e d]   Spain // Antonio Fernandez Carriedo Application [a c c e p t e d] Icon_minitimeWed Dec 15, 2010 5:31 pm

~ T H E C H A R A C T E R ~

Spain // Antonio Fernandez Carriedo Application [a c c e p t e d] Spain_super_chulo_OwO

Full name: Antonio Fernandez Carriedo
Age: 25
Hometown: Barcelona, Spain.

Creature: Culebre: a giant, winged serpent-dragon.
Teaches: Cooking ( something I thought would be fun, but if inappropriate, then I can change it. =3 )
Experience: He's a relatively new teacher.
Extra Details: The Culebre is not considered a friendly creature in any way. Fortunately, Antonio is rarely ever in this form. In fact, it would take a considerable amount of anger to build up in him in order for him to fully transform, but he is so laid back that it's very difficult to make him that angry. Not to say it couldn't happen. In the case of a minor annoyance, a small pair of wings will sprout from his back and he can spit fire.

Physical description: He has lightly tanned skin, curly brown hair, and green eyes. He stands at 5'9" tall and weighs 145 lbs. His clothing is nothing special and is often messy from cooking, mostly because he rarely uses an apron.

Biology: Stories of the dragon are told of him stealing treasure, kidnapping nymphs, killing humans, and stealing cattle. However, there were brave men who went out of their ways to defeat the dragon and take back the treasure. The dragon would later unleash it's fury and get revenge for these acts. Antonio is not what should be expected of someone who can take the form of the Culebre. He doesn't have an evil bone in his body. And yet, if he is pissed off enough then he will change forms and go on a rampage. Consider it his own way of 'unleashing his fury'. The Culebre was meant to be a giant dragon, but in Antonio's case, he doesn't get any taller. It's helpful because he can easily be restrained if needed.

Personality/Habits: Antonio is very cheerful and carefree. He loves being around people and helping others out. He's also rather affectionate and touchy-feely. He has an extreme love for cute things, taking the time to spaz out about whatever adorable thing he sees. He is unable to read the atmosphere. It takes an incredible amount to make him angry enough to change into the Culebre and so his more destructive side rarely ever comes out. Even when his small wings have sprouted, he is still in control enough not to fatally injure anyone. Occasionally people will walk away with a minor burn.

History: When he was a small child, it was first discovered that he could take the form of the Culebre. Considered a cursed child, he was shunned for many years though he couldn't understand why. He still tried very hard to make friends and was always kind to others when growing up. People soon came to realize that he might have been cursed, but he wasn't a threat to anybody. He hadn't changed in many years, after all, and was never cruel to anyone. Still, many were still wary of him and Antonio became increasingly aware that there was something different about himself. Nothing he could say or do would make anyone avoid him less. Even so, he continued to be kind and tried very hard to make people trust him. It is the same now, and he is careful to keep his anger in check to avoid making anyone else he meets fear him.

Other Information: After a transformation, in human form again he cannot remember anything that happened while he was a dragon.

Role Play Sample: "¡Ay! That's hot!" Antonio stuck his newly burned thumb in his mouth, backing away from stove a few steps. Being a klutz, he burned himself often but he could never get used to the sudden pain it brought. It was one of the occupational hazards of being a cook, though. He pulled his thumb away, glancing over the red skin. "How annoying." He shook it off and continued working on his dish, now careful to avoid touching the pot on the burner.

Still being careful, he took a spoonful of his boiling soup and blew on it. A burnt tongue would be useless when it came to tasting. He slurped the spoonful, smacking his lips and pondering for a moment. "It needs more..." he snapped and reached out for his spices. He added a tad more pepper and stirred. He let it sit for a minute more before tasting it again. "¡Muy bien!" The taste was wonderful. Now all he had to do was wait for it simmer a while longer before he could enjoy a hearty bowl of soup. Although he was already pretty hungry... he decided to have a light snack. He grabbed a tomato off the counter and took a bite. Antonio was sure his soup would be good, but in the end nothing compared to the taste of a home grown tomato.

~ O O C I N F O R M A T I O N ~

Your name: Elise
Age: 17
Time-zone: GMT -6
Email/AIM/MSN/Etc.: MSN:
Did you read the rules?: IT'S SO PURPLE, HOMG.
Anything else you want to add: This is my first time playing Spain! So lrease, tell me if I do well or anything I could improve on. =3
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Arthur Kirkland

Arthur Kirkland

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Spain // Antonio Fernandez Carriedo Application [a c c e p t e d] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Spain // Antonio Fernandez Carriedo Application [a c c e p t e d]   Spain // Antonio Fernandez Carriedo Application [a c c e p t e d] Icon_minitimeWed Dec 15, 2010 5:43 pm

Of course you can teach cooking, hunny pie! (as long as you don't mind Arthur setting the fridge on fire just because he's that bad at cooking.) You are accepted, you're Spain is so sweet and cheerful! Change your name and feel free to post or join us in the chat box if you want a crazy random chat!

*will now poke until becomes Culebre*
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Spain // Antonio Fernandez Carriedo Application [a c c e p t e d]
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