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 Vash Zwingli [a c c e p t e d]

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Former Switzerland

Former Switzerland

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Vash Zwingli [a c c e p t e d] Empty
PostSubject: Vash Zwingli [a c c e p t e d]   Vash Zwingli [a c c e p t e d] Icon_minitimeSat Jan 01, 2011 9:53 pm

~ Switzerland~

Vash Zwingli [a c c e p t e d] Pbucket

Full name: Vash Zwingli
Age: 16
Hometown: St. Gallen, Switzerland

Creature: Nephilim

Favourite Subject: Economics
Extra Details: Vash was largly unaware of his true nature for most of his life, due to not having anyone to explain it to him. He knew of his abilities, but not the reasons for them. He does not like to discuss his heritage or its implications.

Physical description:
Vash has medium length blonde hair, cut into a bob. His eyes are a piercing green that are often just as hard as the rest of his features. Around most of the world, his face seems to be set permanently into a scowl, showing a hardened front due to his defensive nature.

Due in part to his biology and part due to his own rigid standards on his fitness, his body is toned and prepared to fight a battle that may never come. His small frame’s weight is almost entirely made up of muscle. Vash typically dresses in more formal attire, but rarely anything newly bought. He would have very few new outfits if he hadn't been growing. Despite this, his things are usually kept in great condition and he takes care to not completely sacrifice appearance.

While he has the physical appearance of a human, Vash is actually the son of an angel and a human woman, or a Nephilim. An obscure being that many aren't totally familiar with, a Nephilim is what one might imagine a cross breed between the two might create. Vash's athletic skills are beyond reproach by humans and capable of competing with the swiftest and strongest land animals. Unlike full angels, Vash has no wings or reality warping abilities. The only 'powers' granted to him are is a mastery of all communication (including the ability to 'speak' with animals) and the ability to judge a man's guilt by physical contact. Once contact occurs, Vash will feel the purity of the individual and know of their crimes and misdeeds.

Giving birth to a Nephilim almost always kills the mother, however a male Nephilim can safely mate with a female human about half the time. Half of the fatal births will yield a giant and only half of the successful non-fatal births will yield a child with the abilities of the Nephilim parent. A female Nephilim mating with a human male has a high risk of a miscarriage or having a stillborn baby.

A Nephilim can likewise mate with another Nephilim, in which case the maternal death, miscarriages and stillbirths occur with the same frequency they would with two human parents, however the possibility of yielding a giant still exists and most children from this union will have some if not all the powers of a Nephilim. A male Nephilim is incapable of impregnating a female angel (just as human men are). A female Nephilim can typically bear the child of a male angel with no difficulty and the resultant child will be another Nephilim.

There is little knowledge of what happens when a Nephilim of either sex attempts to mate with a magical creature or magically empowered human. Logical conclusions could be made using common sense in regards to the nature of the other party and its biology.

Vash has changed very little throughout his life. He prides himself on his conservative behavior, liking to keep things as traditional as possible, even rejecting mainstream trends that he feels have become too commercialized. The only major difference is that when he was younger, he was a little more energetic and willing to get involved in fights. But while that tendency has changed, he still often inwardly desires to bring his conflicts to a more simple solution.

Vash is a very reserved individual. He will rarely show his emotions, preferring to keep a professional appearance. Similarly, he expects everyone around him to do the same. If they do not, he will often respond with varying degrees of anger and embarrassment. Taken a step further, he will react violently if the display is romantic or erotic in nature, possibly due to his own failings in this area.

Vash will often be split on what his exact feelings on a subject, however he always will have an opinion. He rarely cares about the input of anyone else, believing they shouldn't be as intertwined in his affairs as they are. He feels some of his strength comes from his ability to make decisions without having to worry about what everyone else will think. His biggest pet peeve is appeasement and he often has to get on the smaller and more reserved people for just going along with the crowd.

Vash is extremely frugal, never wanting to waste a dime he doesn't have to. If possible, he will scrimp every penny and pawn anything he doesn't need. He is willing to do typically unfavorable things if there is a cash reward attached to it, however, there is some things he will never do. He does not like being called on his frugality and will deny that he is that bad. 

Vash hates when people claim any type of ownership over him. His foster parents treated him like a trophy, exploiting his talents as if his biology somehow made them better. This chip developed a distaste for phrases like “my girl” or “my boy/man” when referring to someone's significant other.

Vash doesn't like the implication of his parentage. He realizes his father must have known the risk of sleeping with his mother and had done it anyway. More, he doesn't understand why the man has never visited him. Touching on his parents or adopted parents is generally a bad idea.

Few being in the universe can claim perfection and angels are not one of them. While many are fully devoted to their master, some do stray from the path. In ages past, those banished from heaven would occasionally bed the striking women and men of earth. Some of these unions would create Nephilim. In this age, it was a much more rare thing as angels were much less likely to roam the middle realm without a purpose, but then many would say Vash's father did have a purpose. Were that to be believed, then he achieved what he set out to do: bed a young, beautiful woman and in the process kill her and make a child he would never see.

No one knew who the boy's father was. They just knew he needed somewhere to live and hopefully someone to love him. Only the first would actually come through. His adopted parents did their best, but they were easily swept up by the boy's prowess. As what can happen to any parents with talented children, they saw his success as their success and tried to live through him. They tested his coordination in whatever sport was seasonal (even once dressing him as a girl to see if he had a talent in sport that didn't have enough popularity among boys to warrant its own league). Vash simply complied, not knowing any other life.

His ability to speak foreign tongues and know the hearts of others didn't come to him until he was fourteen. When it did, he realized a bit too much while in the embrace of his parents. He felt too much when he allowed himself to engage in a high five. The realization that he understood other languages wasn't apparent until he started speaking back and not totally revealed until he could feel the tiny waves of communication of a small ant invasion inside his house.

When he tried to explain any of this to his parents, they began to suspect he was a demon (likely due misremembering what 'speaking in tongues' had actually been referencing). No longer wanting their house tainted by a dark creature, they sent him away to the Zodiac School, which in truth served him just fine.

Other Information: I think that about covers it

Role Play Sample:
It had taken Vash a while to figure out what he wanted to do with her. Having any relationship with another nation was a lot more difficult than it was between two humans. There were many things he couldn't even suggest just because it wasn't done. However, at this point it was impossible for him to do nothing. As soon as you realized that something must be done, you could accomplish it, as there was no room for doubt.

He knew what most nations would do. If they were as smitten with a smaller nation, they would simply take it. Liechtenstein did not have the ability to stop him from annexing her. Even with his own issues, he had enough manpower to pull it off easily. It wasn't like he had never done that before. Not all of his modern Cantons had come willingly, many had, but not all. He had taken them anyway. He had been no better than any other nation in that regard.

But, he didn't want to annex her. He wanted to be with her and protect her. If she became a Canton, he would own her and eventually she would fade away. He didn't believe she was big enough to be his partner in a political union as Hungary had with Austria, his government wasn't set up well for that kind of thing anyway. It wasn't an option either.

So she would keep her separate sovereignty, but he would still attempt to make them close. He just needed to get her on board with the plan. Before he could speak, a staff member came out with her food, setting down a plate of Rösti as well as some bread and butter and a glass of milk. He watched as the spread was set down and waited for the the staff member to leave before he continued.

“The world is changing faster than ever. If I may be frank, I don't think it would be wise of you to be on your own,” he said, keeping his tone as formal as possible in an attempt to hide any of his emotions, “Instead, I propose you allow me to represent you and watch after your interests abroad. I can get you through the post-war world, but you'll have to trust me.”

He looked over at her, doing his best to keep himself from becoming red. He tried to force himself to think of this as any other meeting between countries, to think of her as any other nation. She wasn't and he knew it.

~ O O C I N F O R M A T I O N ~

Your name: Fen
Age: 19 (20 in a few weeks)
Time-zone: Pacific
Did you read the rules?: It's a light blue.
Anything else you want to add: I wish I had ice cream. Also, I realize that some might expect Liechtenstein to be included, however Switzerland adopted her after WWI, long after either of them had already been around. However, if a Liechtenstein would like a blood relationship we can work something out.
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Vash Zwingli [a c c e p t e d] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Vash Zwingli [a c c e p t e d]   Vash Zwingli [a c c e p t e d] Icon_minitimeSun Jan 02, 2011 2:27 pm


You're accepted, sweet.

Go create an acc-- Oh, never mind. GO POST STUFF. LIKE AN INTRO. OR SOMETHING. YAH. 8U I like your history, btw.
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Vash Zwingli [a c c e p t e d]
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