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 World of Cats

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World of Cats Empty
PostSubject: World of Cats   World of Cats Icon_minitimeThu Feb 24, 2011 10:26 pm

World of Cats WOC

A few hundred years ago people came and settled on an island, these people brought along with them cat's from their respective countries and proceded to continue the breed and let them live long lives in this haven.

Years later a small city the secluded island a man started a pet shop called 'World of Cats' they of course specilize in cats from all over the globe from near and far bringing them in for you to take home and cuddle. Of course their aim is to bring even more breeds to the island and make it a perfect place for people to live in.

Of course not all cat's are that privaliged or un-lucky as some decide to call it and they choose to roam the streets and houses living a care free happy-go-lucky life living by their rules.

But who feeds these cats? Humans of course!

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World of Cats
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