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PostSubject: Zodiac School!FST   Zodiac School!FST Icon_minitimeSat Feb 26, 2011 9:57 am

Zodiac!FST list

AriFeli- Radar Detector-
RodMatt- Magnet-
TonioHera- Juvenile (MS70 Remix )-
Gil- Real life stupid game-
Arthur- Melting in the Sun-
Keith- Who's Next?-
Feliks- Cutie Honey OP-
Ivan- Trick and Treat-
Alfred- Girls on Trampolines-
Fight Club- I can't decide-
Matt- Charmaine-
Ari - Delusional-
Feli- Call 911 ( Fred Falke Mix)- 
Roddy- Sweet's Beast-
Hera- Life Goes On ( Side K )-
Tonio- Mulata-
Zodiac School- School Days (Persona PSP OST)-
Ari + Matt + Tonio- Just Be Friends Donishima-

first of all, I hate you autospellcheck.

Second, Mulata is a Latin American song. I know it isn't from Spain.

Third, I'll get all this into a ZIP or RAR with a fancy cover soon.

Fourth, tell me how you liked it. c: I'm not sure if there is another relationship. If so, tell me and I'll add it.

This was not done in any particular order.

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Zodiac School!FST
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