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Welcome to the desert city of Aldmoor, a haven of technology within the sands.
It mixes the latest in Victorian Technology ( "steampunk") with time-honored tradition. Ladies dressed in both gowns and light sundresses stitched with traditional patterns walk around in sandals. Trains that puff out white steam transport passengers between Aldmoor's four districts: Ostnesse - where you can handle all of your trading needs, Havenbourne - where the sick and injured go to get better or live out the last of their days in peace, Lockbush - a tourist's dream and a place to go to escape your troubles, and Jankeep - where all the official business of Aldmoor is taken care of. Airships bring even most common of people to this small oasis, each and every one of them with reasons of their own to seek transport into Aldmoor. What is your reason?

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Sahara Skies
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