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 Alone and Nonexistent

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Former Iceland

Former Iceland

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PostSubject: Alone and Nonexistent   Alone and Nonexistent Icon_minitimeThu Apr 14, 2011 4:11 pm

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Have you ever thought, there's more to life than just this boring old world? A deja vu feeling that there's something out there? Well, that something is here. Alone and Nonexistent is a RP that, by using Nationstates, combines some pretty strange OCs, with Axis Powers Hetalia. Now that a portal has connected Terrae, the home of the Nationstates, to Earth, both Hetalians and Nationstates can roam back and forth between lands. There's new people, new places, a new world that previously, was Alone and Nonexistent.

Using the Nationstates website as a medium for more unique, country-like Original Characters, we encourage both general roleplayers and Hetalia roleplayers to join.

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Alone and Nonexistent
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