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 Lovino Vargas (S. Italy) [a c c e p t e d]

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Former South Italy

Former South Italy

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Lovino Vargas (S. Italy) [a c c e p t e d] Empty
PostSubject: Lovino Vargas (S. Italy) [a c c e p t e d]   Lovino Vargas (S. Italy) [a c c e p t e d] Icon_minitimeWed Dec 15, 2010 10:40 pm


Lovino Vargas (S. Italy) [a c c e p t e d] Lovinosnow

Full name: Lovino Vargas
Age: 23
Hometown: Rome, Italy

Creature: Spinning Fairy
Teaches: Fairy Lessons, Sewing (an optional class)
Experience: ] None, he’s only here cause they needed someone on short notice
Extra Details: He makes nearly all of his own clothes except for a few he received as gifts and didn’t throw away immediately.

Physical description:
About 5’5” with dark brown hair and hazel eyes, Lovino has never been the most masculine of men. He has a slim figure that he’s embarrassed by so he tries to hide behind loose clothes, but to his dismay he discovered if he wears looser clothing he only looks more like a girl. Thanks to this, however, he has perfected his style and if you see him around you will notice that he’s always wearing fashionable clothes that fit him perfectly. Unless they know what he is no one can ever seem to figure out where he gets his clothes, but if they know him they would realize he makes all of it himself.

Biology: What's the creature like?
Lovino is a descendant of the traditional spinning faerie. They use their powers to help them spin wool, flax, silk, and even more natural substances such as tree leaves into thread. Nowadays they instead of simply selling this thread to other magical beings they make clothes as well and sell them to both magical beings and humans alike. Using their skills they can even make clothing with added effects (at an extra cost of course). These enchantments and added effects however have an expiration date and/or a number of times they can be used before they either need to be replaced or have the enchantment be renewed.

Spinning fairies however, are still fairies and they have much of the same powers that most fairies have. For example, they have the power to change their size from a small unnoticeable form to a human sized form. But, unlike their Northern brethren, while they can fly they have no noticeable wings. Furthermore, they actually spend most of their time in their human-sized forms and are rather sociable and not very shy. They are very secretive about their work though, and will easily divert any questions about it to a different topic with the asker none the wiser.

No one is really sure how these spinning fairies actually use their magic to help with spinning their thread even though some have seen the process, but one thing that is known is to never ever interrupt one while they are spinning. While normally rather peaceful folk, if they are interrupted during their spinning they will reveal their darker side. In the most extreme cases people have been found strangled to death by apparently only a single strand of thread. One survivor’s tale spoke of their eyes turning black and of them calling on nature to attack them. However, most attacks aren’t like this, as they much prefer to scare people off than actually hurt anyone.


Lovino has a rather dour and sullen personality. Unlike many of his species, he is not a people-person, except in the company of beautiful women of course. Most of the time though, he appears to be a rather grumpy person and to make matters worse he has a quick temper to boot. Overall one would never expect him to be a good teacher, but beneath his prickly exterior is, well, still a rather grumpy person. But there’s a person who never got much help or instructions when he was learning as he was ignored for easier students who were easier to deal with. And thanks to his experience he has a surprising amount of patience for his students, as long as they ask for help that is. He feels that unless they ask for help, they clearly don’t feel strongly enough about the subject for him to bother to help them.


Unlike many, Lovino simply did not have the same innate talent in spinning that most of his species does. As a child when he was first learning to spin, he was clumsy and would often prick himself. He would get the thread tangled or the machine itself would mess up somehow. He was uncoordinated and his teachers would end up giving up on him, claiming that he simply was not suited to spinning and that he should try something else and save everyone a headache. But Lovino didn’t give up, he kept trying until eventually as he got older and bigger he finally figured out his body’s quirks and mastered the art of spinning. From there on he refused any other teachers feeling that he had been betrayed by them, but also because inwardly he was still a bit scared that they would judge him to not be good enough; that sure he could spin thread, but it wasn’t as good as everyone else’s.

By the time he was in his later teens he felt he had actually gotten pretty good at making cloth and with that cloth he made clothing, most of which he used for himself, and the rest sold to humans. However, while he had figured out himself how to spin and make clothing, he never mastered how to add enchantments to the thread and imbue it with special properties. And in their trade, no one could call themselves a true spinner without mastering that skill. So despite all his effort he still was an outcast.

Tired of his fellow fairies, who, while they were never mean or rude, were never exactly kind or welcoming either, when Lovino was contacted about teaching at the Zodiac School he immediately accepted, packed his things, and said goodbye to that place.

Other Information: He’s only here because the people in charge knew his grandfather, he wanted a job away from his hometown, and they needed a teacher. Despite being a decent teacher, he hates children and teenagers alike.

Role Play Sample:

(OOC: This is from an AU steampunk-based world with a pirate!Lovino (or Romano as his pseudoymn here))

Romano was not a happy camper. He had been wanting to get off the ship to go and see the festival, sure, but he hadn't expected to be dragged along into a party filled to the brim with Military as a part of one of his captain's schemes. His skin prickled from being surrounded by so many he had been taught to hate from an early age. Sure he didn't really care what either side was up to anymore, but hey, if he could do something the Military didn't like, no skin off of his back. Still, he couldn’t get himself to relax and knew that his posture was tense; not only that, but they stood out and if anyone cared to look they could clearly see that which was just making him even more nervous.

And then there was that damn four-eyes. He may not be very caring, but he sure as hell could tell if something was bothering his captain (and when he had to avoid him after one of his drinking binges) and all signs pointed to the Military bastard. Damn four-eyes idiot. If he weren’t so important to the plan he’d have tried to poison his food by now. Tch, there was just something about the arrogance of that guy that rubbed him the wrong way.

He noticed Francis saunter over to them and had to hold in a scoff. Every time he saw that wine-bastard he was always dressed impeccably making everyone else feel under-dressed. It pissed him off to no end. Maybe four-eyes, the albino, and (to a certain extent) his captain, didn’t care as much about their appearances, but he certainly did. Just because he didn’t have that much money like that wine-bastard didn’t mean he couldn’t care about his appearance, especially for when he had a chance to flirt with some local girls. Plus even in the finest clothes, that swanky asshole still managed to creep him out.

“You're both ready, correct?” he heard Arthur say. After he had heard the plan earlier, he knew there was no way he’d ever be ready for something like this, but nodded anyways. Might as well pretend he wasn’t scared and maybe he’d even start to believe it.

He heard his name then so he perked up a bit to hear him say, ”You know your way back to the ship.” Oh wow, such a strong vote of confidence. Not that it wasn’t true because he may kinda sorta like them to a certain extent but they could take care of themselves much better than he ever could. He decided he ought to give a reply though so at least his captain would know he’d heard so Romano replied, ”Tch. We’ll see.” He was a bit too nervous to say more and had enough self-preservation to keep his sarcastic comments about how they were likely to die with or without him to himself.

Well, it was about time to get this party started, or crashed as in this case. He just hoped it didn't end too much in disaster.

~ O O C I N F O R M A T I O N ~

Your name: Hannah
Age: 18
Time-zone: GMT -6
Did you read the rules?: It’s grey
Anything else you want to add: I hope it’s alright I have him teaching an optional class as well since I dunno if there’s gonna be that many other fairies on here for him to teach.
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Lovino Vargas (S. Italy) [a c c e p t e d] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Lovino Vargas (S. Italy) [a c c e p t e d]   Lovino Vargas (S. Italy) [a c c e p t e d] Icon_minitimeWed Dec 15, 2010 11:59 pm

Gah! You're accepted, I love your application! Go create an account with Lovi's full name and picture and start posting around~
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Lovino Vargas (S. Italy) [a c c e p t e d]
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