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 Raivis Galante - Student [a c c e p t e d]

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Former Latvia

Former Latvia

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PostSubject: Raivis Galante - Student [a c c e p t e d]   Raivis Galante - Student [a c c e p t e d] Icon_minitimeMon Jun 20, 2011 12:22 pm

~ T H E C H A R A C T E R ~

Raivis Galante - Student [a c c e p t e d] 2qn42ro

Full name: Raivis Galante
Age: 13
Hometown: Jelgava, Latvia

Creature: Dieva dēls (Son of god, but more specifically Pērkona dēls [son of Pērkons])
Favourite Subject: Literature/Composition
Extra Details: Some of 'abilities' mentioned below are countered by his social awkwardness and clumsy behavior. He's sort of a peculiarity among his kind in that way, but he still does have all of what is mentioned he just isn't great at implementing it.

Physical description:
In physical appearance, Raivis is little more than a child. Only someone familiar with children would be able to tell that he's actually in his teenage years. Raivis' overall musculature is so slight that he looks like any given breeze is going to hurl him across the room. He has violet colored eyes that that at time seem about to burst into tears and other times, they take on a more intense look that almost make him appear to be more solid than he should be. Usually they only achieve the latter in very specific situations, but these situations do occur and can change the entire vibe he gives off.

Raivis has thick dirty blond hair. While not outright curly, as if it had a natural perm, his hair is extremely wavey and tends to get knotted. However, it is also extremely soft and a person's fingers can easily glide through the knots if they move gently. Any attempts into coming it to be more tame usually end in temporary victories. Instead, he has a practically permanent look of bed head. Only when it's wet does it want to stay straight. Given this pickle, Raivis has no choice but to keep it pretty short so it'll stay presentable. 

Raivis likes the color maroon and shows that with the clothing he wears, as the color, or at least some form of red, will appear somewhere on his person. Style wise, he tries to dress in a way that will call the least amount of attention possible. 
Biology: (To avoid confusion; Dieva dēls is the singular form while Dieva dēli is the plural, but to avoid confusion even more fully the phrase just means “son(s) of god” and I'll just elaborate that way :'D )
A child born to a Latvian god is not quite as spectacular as their parent. They exist somewhere in between the spirit world and the mortal world and are capable of interacting with and existing in both. As such, a child like that is capable of seeing beings that are generally invisible to mortals. The other benefits they receive include longetevity of life (unless murdered, the being will live forever and aging will be slow throughout life and freeze at chronological twenty five, when the child will look about 20), enhanced physical and mental ability (but not to superhero proportions), and an empathy with living beings.

This empathy simply means that the creatures of Earth will tend to have a more favorable disposition toward the child than they would naturally have. While this would be helpful in most situations as it would keep them from being harmed, the affect in combination with the exotic nature that is inherent with being a god's child could lead the wrong type of person to wish to own him. What this does to supernatural beings ranges depending on their nature. Some might be more effected while others might not be effected at all.

However, specific to Raivis because of his parentage, he is capable of making the local area rain or become foggy. If the area is not usually rainy or foggy and the surrounding weather isn't hospitable, things will return to normal a few minutes after Raivis stops concentrating. The more 'natural' rain or fog would have been, the longer it will remain. He has a very mild control over water and air movements. The largest area he can make rain or fog in is about a square kilometer and nothing he can do with air or water would be much use in a fight unless he got water in the opponents eyes.

Raivis is a very shy boy, preferring to stay within the same circle of friends that he has always had. The rest of the world ends up falling in to two distinct categories. The first is the people that scare or at least intimidate Raivis, which is the majority of people. To these people, he will often say things in a fashion that is much too blunt or even accidentally say something that is insulting. In these nerve racking situations, he has almost no ability to pick up on social cues or body language and won’t understand that he is making the other person upset until it is too late. These ‘too late’ moments often end with him running off.

The other type of person is more rare, but existent. When a new person doesn’t frighten him, he worries that he will ruin any chance at friendship by saying the wrong thing. This fear leads him to do a bad job of fully expressing himself, which can lead to him ruining the friendship anyway. As soon as the other person starts to show some sign of discontent, he will default to believing that he isn’t good enough for their friendship. When things start to sour he will sometimes tear up and will usually attempt to leave the area as quickly as possible.

Around the few friends he already has he is still shy, but is much more willing to communicate his feelings and concerns. It is mostly around these particular people that he will be calm and understandable. It usually takes a lot of work on the other person's side for a friendship to reach this level.

At times when Raivis is alone, he holds himself a lot more upright. He is actually quite confident in his ability to survive if no one else actively is trying to make it so that he won't. Any and all solo activities are quite well accomplished. It's when you add someone else to the equation that he will become shaky and mess up. Inside his head, he always thinks about saying all the right things and doing the coolest things. But when it comes time to do them in front of someone, he shies away from it. It could be said that he is a lion inside his own bubble and a kitten when someone else is involved.

No one believed Raivis' mother when she told them who the father of her child was. Who would believe that Pērkons, a diety only neo-pagans believe in, would have been smitten with her and impregnated her, never to be seen again? So instead of anyone taking an active interest in the child, they labeled the mother a harlot and her family all but abandoned her to raise the child by herself. As a single parent, she couldn't raise a child and work enough to feed that child, so Raivis was often in the care of nannies and other professional baby sitters and nurseries. His mother had her own doubts about the nature of her child and would often request lots of information about everything he did while she was at work. At first, there was nothing special to say. He seemed rather small for his age, but he was mentally advanced. He was behind the curve on social skills, yet other children seemed to like him.

There wasn't very much about him that screamed supernatural until he was ten. As a quirk of his empathy mixed with the confusion of puberty, an older student at the school he attended became smitten with him. Being too young to appreciate that, Raivis didn't return the affections. In time, this lead to the older student pinning Raivis against a wall, which freaked the young boy out. Scared, he pushed as hard as he could to try to get away and the fall ended up breaking the other student's tail bone. As if that moment was a catalyst, other aspects of his heritage began to pop up. His dormant hydrokinsesis and aerokinesis would turn on every so often until he learned how to control it and everything else fell in to place.

No secret can be kept forever and eventually people began to label Raivis in a variety of different ways. Some of them weren't so pleasant. While she didn't want to give her son away, she had to send him to a place where he wouldn't be in danger just for being different.
Other Information: Nope

Role Play Sample:
(This is from a Historical based community)
Of all the holidays that Latvia celebrated, Midsummer's Eve seemed to be one that very few other countries still celebrated. He couldn't really understand why that was. To him, having any excuse to forget the usual day to day troubles was important. Even though things had been calm recently, you never know when they would heat up again. His independence had only been in effect for 19 years, he had been free longer than that between the two Great Wars. There really were no gurentees when it came to freedom this close to Russia’s house.

But that really wasn’t what he was supposed to be thinking about on Ligo Diena. He was supposed to be thinking further back, back to the simplest of times. The times when he wasn’t afraid of being little, when Estonia was his only constant companion and the foreign countries were just friendly people who wanted to trade. Or even the times when he was stronger, having one of the largest merchant fleets in Europe and how that fleet had found Tobago and protected Gambia. He had taught both of them about Midsummer's Eve and all sorts of other things. That’s what an old holiday was about, thinking back to its roots and your own.

Latvia was currently making an early dinner so that he could head out to all the parties his people would be putting on. His mind was occupied with the large fires and festive foods. The smiling faces. The celebration that had become deeply Latvian. He picked up the bowl that had the salad in it and started walking toward the table. His leg somehow caught against the leg of a chair, sending him crashing to the ground. Tears instantly filled his face. “I’m so sorry!” he yelled, only to realize he was apologizing to no one but himself. He couldn’t wait to start drinking.

~ O O C I N F O R M A T I O N ~

Your name: Avery
Age: 19
Time-zone: Eastern Standard Time (for now)
Did you read the rules?: Yes, while wearing my mostly red shirt!
Anything else you want to add: Nope c:
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Raivis Galante - Student [a c c e p t e d] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Raivis Galante - Student [a c c e p t e d]   Raivis Galante - Student [a c c e p t e d] Icon_minitimeMon Jun 20, 2011 2:36 pm

This app looks good! You're very much accepted~! Feel free to start posting around!

Raivis Galante - Student [a c c e p t e d] Matthe10
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Raivis Galante - Student [a c c e p t e d]
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