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 Finally Free [Open]

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Keith Smith

Keith Smith

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Finally Free [Open] Empty
PostSubject: Finally Free [Open]   Finally Free [Open] Icon_minitimeFri Aug 05, 2011 12:12 am

The feeling of being near the water again and able to swim freely was a nice one. Keith streeched his arms hoping the sun here would burn and tan him, he had his doubts.
Board shorts were his swimmers of choice, he put his finger over his nose jumping into the water and with a big splash he was submerged into the water.

He jumped back out flicking his wet hair across his face then laughed freely to himself, "Ahh this is nice~" He gasped happily lying on his back moving his body smoothly acorss the top of the water. He stared blankly up at the cloud humming to himself before closing his eyes taking a deep breath, he threw his legs over his head and submerged himself back into the water.

Being underwater all he could hear was a soft glug glug blub, it was soothing and he began to wonder if it would really be scary to drown. Maybe it was his love of water that gave him a feeling that drowning wouldn't scare him. Maybe loosing his air in his lungs would be scary but...he shook his head jumping up again. It was Summer. He had to enjoy himself.
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Finally Free [Open]
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