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 [Prussia] Gilbert Beilschmidt - application [a c c e p t e d]

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Former Prussia

Former Prussia

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[Prussia] Gilbert Beilschmidt - application [a c c e p t e d] Empty
PostSubject: [Prussia] Gilbert Beilschmidt - application [a c c e p t e d]   [Prussia] Gilbert Beilschmidt - application [a c c e p t e d] Icon_minitimeMon Jan 03, 2011 7:45 am

~ T H E C H A R A C T E R ~

[Prussia] Gilbert Beilschmidt - application [a c c e p t e d] Victor10

Full name:Gilbert Beilschmidt
Age: 26 (physically)
Hometown: Königsberg, Prussia (present Kaliningrad)

Creature: Kobold
Teaches: Music
Experience: No formal teaching experience, but has taught some of the younger students who had encountered him playing with the school's musical instruments
Extra Details: While his expertise lies in music, Gilbert actually prefers and is more interested in photography.

Physical description:

In his adult human form (the form he now usually uses), he stands at about 5'9'' feet. His hair is light-coloured, almost appearing white, and matches his equally pale complexion. In contrast to his hair and skin colour, his eyes are of a vibrant red hue, giving him the overall appearance of an albino.

During the time he spent as a mere household servant, he wore only what could be called 'peasant's clothing'. Now that he has been recognized by the school as a teacher, he dons more proper, albeit casual, clothing. He is usually seen with a confident smirk on his face.


While kobolds are usually invisible, they can take the form of an animal, human being, inanimate object, or even fire. They vary vastly in their main appearance, some of their more known forms being of a small child or a short old man. In Gilbert's case, his main form is similar to a child version of his human form.

There are three major kinds of kobolds residing among the living: first are the household or domestic kobolds who help with chores in exchange for food, second are the kobolds who haunt mines, and third are the kobolds who live at sea with sailors and aid them.

Gilbert is a domestic kobold who, when not teaching music and committing mischief, diligently (yet reluctantly) cleans and watches over his household daily, for the small price of food and strangely, beer. If those are not given to him or if his kind is insulted, he will retaliate by inflicting injuries and diseases, or playing pranks and other trickery. His kind is also said to be able to bring wealth, though Gilbert has not yet proven it himself.


Gilbert is a very proud and confident being, despite his seeming submissiveness to his household and house owner. He had been somewhat of a lone wolf in his early days, though after being involved with the many other creatures in his current household, he began to resent the thought of being alone again (but he would never admit it). He is a 'me-first' type of person, and excessively uses the word 'awesome' (usually to describe himself).

He has an optimistic outlook on life and likes having fun, even though said fun is sometimes obtained in questionable ways. He enjoys drinking, fighting, and taking pictures. He loves cute things, especially chicks, to the extent of getting tricked because of them. His worse qualities include his incredibly bad manners, his love of playing pranks, and his tendency to repress 'weak' emotions.


After moving from the spiritual realm to the world of the living, Gilbert spent his first several years there by merely roaming and discovering things about it as an invisible entity. His wandering days stopped when he entered the home of an old Prussian general named Frederick, who he affectionately called 'Old Fritz'.

Gilbert was extremely loyal to Frederick and served him until his death. He was prepared to continue living as that household's servant, though the other humans residing in it wanted the opposite. After many failed exorcisms, Gilbert voluntarily left, but not before cursing the household's remaining residents. He resumed his exploration, and once again halted only when he had somehow managed to come across a school for supernatural beings like him.

Determined to be a part of this 'household', he took the form of a wet and wounded chick, and when what appeared to be a young student of the academy took him in and healed him, he officially became the school's domestic kobold. He served the school as he had served Frederick, though he was more withdrawn and interacted less with the others, merely content in being among them.

In his free time, he kept himself occupied with either watching the students or tinkering and playing with the musical instruments he found stuffed in this one room. Soon after, he found himself avidly making his own music, which some of the younger students had managed to witness and wanted to imitate. Gilbert, at first doubtful but then welcoming, taught them how to play the various instruments.

It was then when one of the higher-ups came across one of his tutoring lessons that the kobold landed himself a new job as the Zodiac School's music teacher, a job which Gilbert admittedly liked a lot more than his usual one.

Other Information: The only memento Gilbert has of Frederick is the Iron Cross the general had given to him in his last year.

Role Play Sample: (This was taken from another rp I'm in, though I edited it a little to fit with this rp's plot XD)

A distinctive flash sounded as Gilbert, perched on top of a table by an open window, took a shot of the newly-blossomed roses. He didn't usually take pictures of flowers, but these roses were coloured in almost the same brilliant red as his unique eyes, so he wasn't able to resist. Another awesome shot, he thought, grinning as he viewed the picture on his trusty camera.

Satisfied, he closed the window and crossed his legs under him, that enthusiastic grin still on his lips as he went through all the pictures he had taken so far. He had no idea what had possessed him to actually get to his first class on time--hell, he was even the first one there this time; not even those few early bird students of his were there yet--but he wasn't exactly complaining anymore. It gave him the opportunity to look through the pictures he took since the school year began.

He plopped himself down on the seat behind the table when he was done, his legs propped up on the table as he carefully inserted the camera in its case and into his backpack, also careful not to tip over his violin case that was resting beside it. He blinked, sure he had heard a chirping sound come from somewhere above him when he moved, but quickly shrugged it off and leaned back, placing his hands in the pockets of his red sweater that really didn't go well with the semi-formal clothes he had to wear under it.

Letting out a small yawn, he closed his eyes, completely unaware of the yellow chick using his slightly disheveled white hair as a nest. Maybe he could take a quick snooze before his class actually starts...

~ O O C I N F O R M A T I O N ~

Your name: Ey
Age: 18
Time-zone: GMT +8
Did you read the rules?: Orange. WTF.
Anything else you want to add: This is the second time I'll be rping Prussia. Once again, I hope I can live up to this guy's awesomeness XD
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Matthew Williams
Matthew Williams

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[Prussia] Gilbert Beilschmidt - application [a c c e p t e d] Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Prussia] Gilbert Beilschmidt - application [a c c e p t e d]   [Prussia] Gilbert Beilschmidt - application [a c c e p t e d] Icon_minitimeMon Jan 03, 2011 9:32 am

D'awww, you're definitely accepted! That was lovely! Poor Gilbert... D: I'll be your friend! Ok, go change your name to Gilbert Beilschmidt, and post around! ...I'd say join the chatbox some time, but people seem to rarely do that. Also - Do you think that picture should be declared NSFW?
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[Prussia] Gilbert Beilschmidt - application [a c c e p t e d]
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