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 Cuba Application [a c c e p t e d]

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Former Cuba

Former Cuba

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Cuba Application [a c c e p t e d] Empty
PostSubject: Cuba Application [a c c e p t e d]   Cuba Application [a c c e p t e d] Icon_minitimeMon Jan 10, 2011 7:35 am

~ C U B A ~

Cuba Application [a c c e p t e d] Cuba

Full name: Miguel Havana
Age: 18
Hometown: Havana, Cuba

Creature: Baron Samedi
Favourite Subject: Music; Miguel plays the saxophone and he's really good at at it.
Extra Details:

Physical description: Always found wearing a skull-like mask and a black top hat, Miguel is of average to tall height. He wears his medium length brown hair in dreadlocks, usually pulled back into a ponytail. He's slightly overweight (what comes of lounging on a beach all day drinking and smoking), and dresses in purples and blacks.
Biology: He’s shaped like the average human being, with the exception that he can sometimes become insubstantial, transported to realm of the dead, if he is emotionally overloaded or unable to focus on being a part of this world. There are rumors that his skull ‘mask’ isn’t really a mask, it’s actually his face.
What's the creature like? He's the Vaudun loa of death, sex, and resurrection, with a reputation of disruption, debauchery, and a fondness for tobacco and rum. Notably bisexual (in regards to mortal men anyway), he often represents the crossroads between life and death. He is capable of resurrection as well as giving immortality, provided he thinks the cause is worthwhile and he is given payment. His powers are especially strong when it comes to voodoo curses and black magic.
Personality/Habits: He's laid-back and casual with a slow temper. When you finally get him mad, he explodes (sometimes literally). He enjoys hanging out on the beach, drinking mojitos and lazing around in the sun. When he wants to truly focus, he spends his time in cemeteries, where the only ones around to talk to him are the dead, who are quiet when he orders them to be. Sometimes he gets headaches, from the constant drumbeat he can hear in his head, and he's more irritable when it's louder.

History: Miguel first heard the drum beats at age 12. His parents brought him to doctors on the island, but no one could figure out what was wrong. Eventually, they took him to the local Vaudon priestess, who discovered that he was Baron Samedi. With her tutoring he learned about Vaudon and its rituals, learned how to answer summons, but she died before he could finish training. So, in an effort to continue training and meet others non-humans his own age, he applied to Zodiac High School.
Other Information:Caribbean cultures tend to shy away from mythical creatures, and Cuban culture in particular got wiped out by Spanish and British colonization. I ended up going with a Haitian Vaudon loa because I couldn’t find enough information on Santeria and Arara (Cuba’s Vaudon traditions). The drum beats are from the drums of Vaudon rituals all over the world, which he hears no matter if they're directed at him or not.
Role Play Sample: The drumming is always there, in the back of his head, but now the rhythm changes to his song his drum beat. They are calling him. Miguel closes his eyes and takes a sip of his drink, ice cold and refreshing in the heat of the Cuban sun. He lounges in his beach chair, letting the waves lap at his feet as he revels in the warm feeling of being called by prayers and drum beats. His mind travels through the invisible world, following the call, arriving in a small shrine in Haiti. His spirit rides one of the ritualists, and he announces himself, donning the proffered top hat and sunglasses and taking the cigar. It is a simple matter; their mambo, their priestess, has passed on, and her followers ask him for special guidance for her soul. He returns to his body and opens his eyes. He stretches as he gets out of his chair; he has to go home and prepare for school. Miguel can still taste the cigar as he carries his chair along the beach.

~ O O C I N F O R M A T I O N ~

Your name: Marisa
Age: 18
Time-zone: GMT -5
Email/AIM/MSN/Etc: is my email, and more likely to get my attention than mojitosmissiles, which is my RP aim. :)
Did you read the rules?: Grey. :)
Anything else you want to add: I wasn't sure where to post this. ;;

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Matthew Williams
Matthew Williams

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Cuba Application [a c c e p t e d] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Cuba Application [a c c e p t e d]   Cuba Application [a c c e p t e d] Icon_minitimeTue Jan 11, 2011 10:04 am

Lots of people don't know where to post applications for the first time, hun, you're not the only one. But I moved it for you because I finally learnt how! \o/ How awesome am I? Anyway, You're accepted! I'm so happy to have a Cuba around, I've not RP'd with one before! *Hugs* Go, change your name and post an intro or something! Join the chatbox some time, too! ...Because it's only just getting more active and needs more people D:
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Cuba Application [a c c e p t e d]
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