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 Lucius Octavian (Rome) Application (Staff) [a c c e p t e d]

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Lucius Octavian (Rome) Application (Staff) [a c c e p t e d] Empty
PostSubject: Lucius Octavian (Rome) Application (Staff) [a c c e p t e d]   Lucius Octavian (Rome) Application (Staff) [a c c e p t e d] Icon_minitimeMon Jan 03, 2011 6:43 pm

~ T H E C H A R A C T E R ~

Lucius Octavian (Rome) Application (Staff) [a c c e p t e d] 14879302_p6

Full name: Lucius Octavian
Age: 33
Hometown: Rome, Italy

Creature: Werewolf
Teaches: Philosophy and History
Experience: His major was in History with a minor in Philosophy, and in past years, he taught History, but now, after a new Philosophy department was opened up, he is doing double duty in both subjects.
Extra Details: His interest in Philosophy stemmed from a former Greek girlfriend that he had.

Physical description:

Lucius is 6'2”, with shaggy brown hair that curls in unusual places and dark brown eyes. He has a bit of chin hair, but nothing too biblical, and he also lacks a mustache. He's muscular in build, due to years of participating in Track and Field and Wrestling. Thanks to his Mediterranean blood and the amount of time he's in the sun, he's got tanned skin. He is also quite hairy—arm hair, leg hair, chest hair, the works.

As far as his dress habits go, he prefers to dress casually in jeans and a t-shirt. He has a favorite purple coat which he jokingly calls his “toga.” When he dresses up, however, he goes all out, with a full suit, cummerbund, bow tie, wrist cuffs, everything. Although his tennis shoes are a scruffy, muddy mess, his dress shoes are always well polished.


Roman werewolves are a bit... different than normal werewolves. For one thing, silver doesn't affect them. Also, their clothes do not change with them, which means that either Lucius has to take his clothes off before he changes into a wolf, or he has to ruin his clothes. Since he doesn't like to ruin his clothes, he generally takes them off. He has the option of temporarily turning his clothes to stone (and therefore protecting them) by making a circle of blood around the clothes.

Once he's in his wolf form, he has no extra powers—he is just a wolf. This means that he is just as susceptible to getting injured as any average wolf. He has a particular hatred for farmers, especially the ones who don't understand what a tasty dish lamb is. However, this means that he is also just as strong as the average wolf, and is capable of doing much damage in a fight against a weaponless human.


On the one hand, Lucius is lively, to the point of being somewhat silly at times. He's frivolous and carefree, and enjoys pulling pranks on people (his favorite involved super gluing coins to a sidewalk and watching as people tried to pick up the coins, but failed). On the other hand, he commands respect from his inferiors, and does not tolerate lip from anyone. He can be severe when he needs to be, and teachers with whom he has worked in the past oftentimes believe that he can punish the students overly much. He's the sort of person that when he is nice, he is very, very nice, but when he is mean, he is horrid. As long as the students stay on his good side, he can be quite agreeable, and he uses his sense of humor to his advantage when teaching. On the other hand, when students don't stay on his good side, they can easily find themselves with a pile of homework that not even Einstein could do in a single night (then again, Einstein was a scientist, not a historian). When he's endeared to someone, he's almost obnoxious, resembling a puppy dog in his amorousness. However, when he hates someone, he will stop at nothing to make certain that that person is destroyed. In other words, he has a personality of extremes.

Lucius enjoys spending his nights out in town, sipping on wines at high class bars, eating food from high class restaurants, and picking up pretty ladies (and men, but he prefers ladies). He doesn't exactly make his lifestyle a secret, which has gotten him into trouble more than once. Furthermore, even though he has gotten a vast amount of wealth in an inheritance from his uncle, his lifestyle has also gotten him into trouble with his bank account before. However, this is when he begs his girlfriends for money—he had one particularly rich Egyptian girlfriend who would give him quite an astounding amount of money, but they eventually parted ways when she realized that he was cheating on her with the aforementioned Greek girl.


Lucius doesn't remember his real mother. She was the daughter of the town's former mayor, but the family died in a tragic car accident; only little Lucius survived. He was adopted by a high class calling lady (read: prostitute) who was able to bribe the judge in order to adopt the child. She had wanted a child for a long time, but she was unable to have children. Thus, she was completely enamored with the boy, who took up all of her attention when she wasn't working. When Lucius was small, he didn't mind her job much; men came to take Mama away at night, and then she came back the next morning looking happy. However, as he became older, he liked his mother's job less and less, and would often argue with her not to continue with her job. His distaste came from three places: he didn't like to see his mother being used like that, he wanted a real father, and the student body knew what his mother was, and teased him mercilessly for it. In response, he joined the wrestling team and later track and field to build up endurance and to look intimidating.

His mother kept his powers away from him for a long time; he just grew up thinking that he was an especially shaggy child. She had found out about his powers when he was a small baby, and he was playing with a puppy. In order to play with the puppy more easily, he had turned into a wolf, which scared his mother. She had considered getting rid of him, but she decided not to since she had worked so hard to adopt him, and she figured that it would be cruel to get rid of a child who had already lost his parents. In order to take the werewolfish behavior out of him, she would reprimand him sharply whenever he tried to transform as a small boy, so much so that she would dissuade him from ever becoming a werewolf again. Thus, he forgot about his true nature.

That is, until one day when he was 18, he found out that he had a long lost rich uncle who had recently died. He had been the President of Lazio (an administrative region in Italy), but had hidden his relation to the side of the family from which Lucius had come due to shady political reasons involving much political infighting, carefully calculated deaths, and something to do with a gang leader dressing in drag and coming in uninvited to a lady's party (Lucius was never certain of what that was about). After Lucius was informed by one of his father's aids, he went to his uncle's residence in Rome to collect his inheritance. There, he was informed by said aid, a man named Marco Antonini, about his true nature as a werewolf. Of course, Lucius was ecstatic, and in the early days of being rich and a werewolf, he spent an awful lot of money buying clothes, food, wine, art, etc, and also running around the countryside killing small animals for fun. When Marco, who wanted Lucius' inheritance for himself, found out about Lucius' behavior, he told Lucius that maybe it would be better for him to handle the rest of his money later, when he was more mature, and also to stop killing animals. Lucius reluctantly—very reluctantly—agreed, and decided to spend his time pursuing a career in history, now intrigued by his family's political past.

While he was in college, he decided that frankly, he enjoyed living life as a normal person. Sure, the money from his old life was nice, but he also found that he had been missing true human interaction growing up. He was never very good with women (and men with whom he was amorous), though, and he was never really able to establish very strong relationships. This presented itself as a challenge to him; he was going to try to live life as a normal person without the weight of his wealthy, political and scandalous past. When he found out about the Zodiac school, which was made specifically for extraordinary beings like him, he decided that he would become a teacher at the school.

How has he been doing with his challenge? Unfortunately, due to his vices, not so well, but he's trying.

Other Information:

His mother sometimes went by the nickname “Lupa,” meaning “wolf” in Latin, but also having the double meaning of “prostitute.”

Role Play Sample:

Lucius stumbled into class, still blinking his eyes in reaction to the painful light overhead. Good grief, who made lights that bright? Were they this bright yesterday? Then again, he also didn't come to class with a hangover, either. “Salvete, discipuli,” he said, greeting his students in Latin. Ever since he had learned the language in middle school, he had become enamored with the language, and tried to use it as often as possible in casual conversation. “Open your books to page... page... 156...” he mumbled, and then looked at his lesson plan. No, wait, that was yesterday's lesson plan. What was today's lesson plan? Di immortales, he had forgotten today's lesson plan! He guessed he would make it up on the spot.

“So, what did we learn about yesterday?” he asked the class. Frankly, he would have taken any answer. He could barely remember any time before last night right now, as the pounding in his head took control of almost all his mental faculties. Despite the fact that his vision was blurry, he could see the concerned looks of his students. Well, either concerned, or waiting or him to drop dead so that they could have the rest of the semester off. Both facial expressions looked the same to him.

Suddenly, a grumbling started in his stomach, and began to push its way up his throat. He covered his mouth with his hand and ran out the door, grabbing a trash can on the way out. “Your homework is to read about the civil war!” he shouted as he ran, not specifying which civil war belonging to which country during which time period on which page. Frankly, these things weren't important to him as he emptied his stomach of its contents into the trash can.

~ O O C I N F O R M A T I O N ~

Your name: Emily
Age: 22, almost 23 (I'm so old ;A; )
Time-zone: GMT -6
Email/AIM/MSN/Etc.: AIM: mellonikan
Anything else you want to add: A lot of this is based on Roman history/literature, so if it seems a little over the top, you now know why. I had to change some stuff about his powers to make him more palatable for a modern audience, though. :'Db Also, due to the fact that I'm older than a lot of you, I'm going to have to say that I would prefer not to RP anything [M], at least as far as sexual stuff goes.
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Lucius Octavian (Rome) Application (Staff) [a c c e p t e d] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Lucius Octavian (Rome) Application (Staff) [a c c e p t e d]   Lucius Octavian (Rome) Application (Staff) [a c c e p t e d] Icon_minitimeMon Jan 03, 2011 7:38 pm

First off, YOU ARE A HUNDRED TIMES ACCEPTED. That was probably one of the best applications I've had. Second, I fixed your picture problem, hun~

I do so very much love how you portray Rome... And oh geez, I have to get used to calling him lucius, rather than Roma or Romulus, which seem to be more common... But, I do think he's greatly done.

Also, hun, I RP with a 28 year old, you ain't got nothin' on that. Plus, the older you are, the more mature and sensible you are, and I like that around this site~

Now, make an account, post around, ect ect
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Lucius Octavian (Rome) Application (Staff) [a c c e p t e d]
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