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 Lithuania Application [a c c e p t e d]

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Former Lithuania

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PostSubject: Lithuania Application [a c c e p t e d]   Lithuania Application [a c c e p t e d] Icon_minitimeFri Apr 22, 2011 4:03 pm

((Hopefully I am posting this in the right area))

~ Lithuania ~

Lithuania Application [a c c e p t e d] Lithuania-hetalia-18111057-600-800

Full name: Toris Lorinaitis
Age: 200 looks 19
Hometown: Vilnius, Lithuania

Creature: Dryad (wood nymph)
Teaches: Botany
Experience: As a dryad Toris has an understanding of both plants and trees. Though he’s never taught before he used to have a small flower shop in Vilnius.
Extra Details: Toris has martial arts experience, but it is more for self-defence. On campus however he has taken to starting a garden and a green house where much of the schools fruits and vegetables are grown. He greatly enjoys cooking, though more just for close friends.

Physical description: At 5’8 Toris isn’t particularly tall, though he could not be considered short either. He has green eyes and light brown hair that sits at shoulder length. He usually wears his hair down but sometimes ties it up in a pony tail leaving the two strands that hand over his ears loose. He’s the sort of person that may get over looked because he doesn’t seem to have anything overly unique about him, at least in comparison to others, but that suits him just fine. Toris looks slight but looks can be deceiving; since he practices martial arts regularly he does have some muscle. He also looks fairly young despite his age, looking like a young adult. When you look into his eyes though you can see that he is much older than he looks.

The colour of Toris’ hair and eyes greatly reflect what he is. As a dryad Toris is an embodiment of nature. Not only in his brown hair and green eyes, but the fact that he is very down to earth, calm and grounded, as well as nurturing.

Toris’ choice of clothing is generally loose clothing, and not always the most fashionable, due to being a dryad. While his mother’s people generally went without clothing, Toris has gotten used to wearing clothing but keeps things loose to facilitate transformation, if need be, and do that it is not too constrictive and uncomfortably. Generally the clothes he wears are earth tones, mostly being green or brown.

Biology: Dryad’s are primarily female spirits of nature that are tied to one tree for all their lives. Though he is male, Toris was still born as a dryad. The tree he is tied to is not overly large due to complications and bad times during much of his life, and because of that he is able to move it and move around more than other dryads. Modern times making it much easier to do this.

This does not change Toris’ tie to his tree however. For all dryads the death of their tree means the death of the dryad. In ancient times the gods would heave punished anyone who killed a dryad would be punished with death, and even hurting a dryad’s tree lead to punishment. This is not true anymore, though the Greek gods had more care for their dryad’s then did the gods from more other areas.

Dryad’s by nature are very shy and this is reflected in Toris’ personality and his uncertainty around large groups of people. He seems to be able to teach well though in spite of this, due to his kind and mothering nature.

Personality/Habits: Toris is the type of character that prefers to be curled up by the fire with a good book. He's got a very gentle personality and does not enjoy being in the spotlight or at the center of attention in anyway. Everything about him is aimed at keeping himself unnoticed; he doesn’t like being in the spot light in anyway. He does however had a very nurturing personality and is more than willing to listen to any of the students, or his fellow teachers, if they need someone to talk to in order to help with their problems.

Being more than a little bit of a worrywart Toris tends to get overworked about many things leading him to get horrible stomach aches. His worrying is both a good and a bad thing; it's good because it shows he cares about his friends and will do anything for them; and as someone who makes friends for life, he will be It's a bad thing because he tends to over worry things and, as stated before, get horrible stomach aches which just lead him to be more worried depressed.

Despite all this Toris can still be a very forward person when he needs to. Though he is usually a passive person, Toris can be very assertive when he needs to be. His martial arts training, which he picked up throughout his years, helps him to be a fairly formidable opponent if things become physical; though in the end he would simply prefer that things not come to such measures. When Toris becomes really close with someone they become like family to him and he defends his family to the death.

History: Toris has had a relatively plain life, despite how long it has been. He lived with both of his parents for the first 40 years of his life, being a dryad he grew much slower than other children. They lived in a secluded wood outside of Vilnius. His father died of old age eventually, though is mother is still alive and well in the woods were he grew up. Toris however decided it was time to move on, leaving his mother’s side when he was 120, in order to go to the city and experience life.

While in the city he joined a learning centre so that he could get a high school degree, having only the education from his parents, and eventually decided to attend university. He went to school for a degree in Literature, but never truly did anything with it. His true passion was what was ingrained in his biology; Toris could not get away from working with plants and flowers. Though he continued to love literature, and even submitted some reviews and essays to various journals over the years, Toris decided to open up a flower shop in Vilnius where he remained for half a century before deciding to move on.

He toured Europe for some time, keeping a piece of his tree with him to facilitate movement, before finally deciding that he wanted to do something different with his life. While visiting a school in Russia, he found that he wanted to teach. So Toris went back to school in order to get a teaching degree. Once he graduated he applied to number of places before being accepted at the Zodiac School, where he now teaches botany. His tree is planted in the backyard of his house not far from the school.

Other Information: Toris has a large collection of literature in a number of languages, and has accumulated a fairly comfortable amount of money throughout his life; but he prefers the simple things and not only has a small house but drives a used car.

Role Play Sample:
Toris looked over the notes for his class for the week. The stormy weather was causing many problems for his plan to show the students the Moon Flowers. He had gotten special permission to have the students out at night to show them the lovely flower as it bloomed, but the rain was blocking the moonlight.

Sighing in disappointment, Toris began to write up his new plan for the week. He wasn’t going to cut out the Moon Flower viewing, but it would have to be postponed for now. Perhaps this would a good time to show the students how to harvest mandrakes, or to care for rue. The green house wasn’t too far from the main campus, so getting there for a lesson wouldn’t prove too bad, or get the students too wet. It would certainly be better than just teaching them theory in class, which could be quite boring.

Taking a sip of the tea that he had made himself, Toris smiled as he made a note about the new plans. Until the weather improved he would just have to keep things in the greenhouse and maybe even throw in a special surprise lesson for the students on something that they may normally not have access to.

~ O O C I N F O R M A T I O N ~

Your name: Leala
Age: 24
Time-zone: -5 GMT
[color=violet]Did you read the rules?: Yes, a green t-shirt with flours on it
[b]Anything else you want to add: If you want to do a certain RP with me please message me in advance to discuss it. There are definitely certain things I am not comfortable with doing especially with Toris being a teacher.

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Matthew Williams
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PostSubject: Re: Lithuania Application [a c c e p t e d]   Lithuania Application [a c c e p t e d] Icon_minitimeSun Apr 24, 2011 12:01 pm

I do love your application, you're accepted! One thing, read through your application, there are a few sentences which don't quite make sense.

Also, as Matt's a Nymph (And I gave myself a LOT little bit of artistic licence), there are a few properties he has. Such as the ability to remove other's injuries and wear them himself, instead. And he can perform spells, but because Nymphs aren't known for their spell performance, he's not very good at them, and (this could just be a water nymph thing, or a general nymph thing) at the full moon, he dances with the other nymphs (not that there are any in the school up until now). I should have stuck this on my application as I developed my character, but, oh well. There's also the fact that because nymphs are supposed to be female, he's seen as an outcast in his ... "Tribe", you could call it, and as a result, is more feminine than most.

Also- I do like your biological description, it's fascinating. So please change your name to Toris Lorinaitis and perhaps post up an introduction post! And it would great to see you in the chatbox too.
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Lithuania Application [a c c e p t e d]
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