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 *~Monaco Application~* {finished}

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Félicité Canella

Félicité Canella

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PostSubject: *~Monaco Application~* {finished}   *~Monaco Application~* {finished} Icon_minitimeWed Jan 19, 2011 1:54 pm

~ T H E C H A R A C T E R ~

*~Monaco Application~* {finished} Member_illust-1

Full name: Félicité Charlotte Canella
Age: 16
Hometown: Saint-Michel, Monaco

Creature: Dames Blanche
Favourite Subject: Maths, Physical Education or Home Economics
Extra Details: Félicité tends to address people as 'dear', 'young man' and things in a similiar vein of those listed in specifics, much like an old woman.

Physical description: Félicité, as the name of her particular species implies, is a fair skinned female with slightly elven features. She is far from tall, standing at a mere 5' 2" (157.5 centimeters) and despite her delicate facade, she is slightly muscular (especially her legs). She is also deceptively curvy up top; a fact which she tries to hide by wearing conservative blouses.

Félicité takes a certain amount of pride in her appearance- meticulously braiding her very long and thick golden locks every morning (along with constantly fixing her hair throughout the day) and refusing to part with her beloved barretes and ribbon. She is often caught brushing her hair and reapplying her lipgloss at noon.

As far as clothing goes, she dresses to impress. The amount of pride she takes in her hair can only be rivaled to the pride Félicité takes in her vast and quite elegant wardrobe. As for her glasses, they are most certainly not a fashion statement. As pretty as her aquamarine eyes are, she is very visually impaired.

Biology: What's the creature like? Like most mythological creatures, Dames Blanches have a somewhat mixed history. Very similar to the Weisse Frauen of German myth and Witte Wieven of Dutch mythology, Dames Blanches are somewhat like light elves. They are always young and female and appear around noon, brushing their hair in a mildly seductive manner or bathing in a brook. They can be found near caves, ravines, fords, bridges and caverns and they try their best to attract attention.

If spotted on a bridge, the Dame Blanche will not permit the passerby to cross unless they dance a few rounds with her or assist her in some way. If the passerby agrees, she allows them to pass and grants them a few courtesies or wishes. If not.... either being thrown off the bridge and into a patch of briars/ thistles or be tormented by cats, owls and lutines(female goblins).

As for how they's a mystery as there are only females of the species.

Personality/Habits: Félicité, though quite proud and stubborn to the bone, is actually quite the social creature who thrives off human interaction. Cranky and snobbish as she may come across, ultimately she is quite easily flustered and emotionally vulnerable.

She has a love of fine cosmetics and clothing but has an adoration of all types of dogs, cats, birds....most animals actually. Félicité comes off as serious but has mile-high standards for romance. She is a bit high strung and anxious but she has a passion for games of chance (such as any sort of gambling) and race cars.

Félicité also has a very strong sense of aesthetics in terms of clothing, cosmetics and interior design and is known to refuse to eat something if it's presented in an unattractive way.

As strange as it may seem, she is quite the athlete and loves to play with numbers.

History: Her parents were never quite sure as to how Félicité happened. All they know was that she was a fairly regular, if a tad spoiled(due to the high amount of wealth they acquired in the tourism industry and how effective her pouts were), child who never was ill a day in her life and how fond animals were of her.

Upon reaching the age of ten, she developed the habit of hanging out in unusual spaces for a rich young girl such as herself. Félicité's parents were confounded as to why their daughter seem to be drawn to caves, bridges as the like! Trying to keep her busy and away from those ever so slightly sketchy areas, they enrolled her in a plethora of dance classes and tennis lessons. Of course, that did nothing to stop her attraction to those areas but she developed quite the passion for ballet and tennis, practicing both on the bridges.

The wish granting and pushing people off bridges/ tormenting them with animals aspect reared its head upon her reaching the age of 12 and it was quite alarming to all parties involved. Simply by chance, a maiden aunt looked into exactly what was happening and diagnosed Félicité as a Dame Blanche. Félicité, once she got over her terror, was delighted and her parents were a bit less so.

Ever since then, she's been enrolled in boarding school after boarding school in an effort to keep the number of injuries and reports of animal attacks down.

Other Information: There's three essential facts to remember about Félicité- 1) She is not a dog so she will not tolerate it if you pet her head, 2) Never place a bet against her and 3) She kicks like a true ballerina. Which is to say quite hard.

Role Play Sample: Two hours. Two hours and one minute for Félicité to wait. Two hours, 1 minute and 46 seconds exactly. The curtains would rise, the orchestra would start up and the dancers would seemingly float across stage and express a story of heart ache without a single word being said. Two hours, 1 minute and 30 seconds until she would be whisked away into the land of frivolousness where the ballerinas in uncomfortable costumes, in severe pain from having to pirouette the night away in toe shoes seemed to be walking on clouds.

Tapping her freshly manicured nails to the steering wheel of the nondescript but fine black convertible she pushed up her dark sunglasses and waited. At last, her cue was given! Speeding off into a back alley and weaving her way to a main road, somehow avoiding a single red light, she smirked at the adrenaline rush the wind whipping through her hair gave the Monacan.

1 hour and 45 minutes until the real show began.

~ O O C I N F O R M A T I O N ~

Your name: Danilee/ The Goddess of Clumsiness
Age: 19
Time-zone: EST
Did you read the rules?: White...because I am quite dull like that.
Anything else you want to add: I thought ya'll needed some estrogen around here~

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Matthew Williams
Matthew Williams

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PostSubject: Re: *~Monaco Application~* {finished}   *~Monaco Application~* {finished} Icon_minitimeFri Jan 21, 2011 8:50 am

Accepted, but why don't you just change 'charlotte' to 'Felicite'? *Hasn't got keypad, can't make symbols* Once you've done that, you can change your name and start posting around.
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Félicité Canella

Félicité Canella

Posts : 81
Join date : 2011-01-19

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PostSubject: Re: *~Monaco Application~* {finished}   *~Monaco Application~* {finished} Icon_minitimeFri Jan 21, 2011 8:54 am

Yay! Thank you <3
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PostSubject: Re: *~Monaco Application~* {finished}   *~Monaco Application~* {finished} Icon_minitime

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*~Monaco Application~* {finished}
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