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 Kiku Honda (FINISHED and FIXED!) [a c c e p t e d]

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Kiku Honda (FINISHED and FIXED!) [a c c e p t e d] Empty
PostSubject: Kiku Honda (FINISHED and FIXED!) [a c c e p t e d]   Kiku Honda (FINISHED and FIXED!) [a c c e p t e d] Icon_minitimeSun May 22, 2011 6:39 pm

~ T H E C H A R A C T E R ~

Kiku Honda (FINISHED and FIXED!) [a c c e p t e d] Hetalia,japan-f02c1491ee5aa0a1f9b89f41c861a66e_m

Full name: Kiku Honda
Age: 17
Hometown: Nara, Japan.

Creature: Nukekubi
Favourite Subject: Math, Science, Art
Extra Details: Kiku enjoys computers and technology in general, and is good with programming. Thus his love of math and science. He also enjoys art as a way of calming down and getting out feelings that he cannot (or will not) otherwise express.

Physical description: Kiku has short, neat black hair and brown eyes in his human form. He is short in stature compared to Westerners, though an average height for a Japanese man. He rarely smiles because he just doesn't feel the need to. Around his neck there is a thin line of red symbols. This is where his head detaches. He tries his best to hide this line from others. His skin is pale and yellowish, though not in an unhealthy way. He has just a bit of muscle, not too much but not too little. He is well-built and likes to keep in shape, eating healthy foods (though he does eat too much salt, but that doesn't change his figure.)

At night his head detaches from his body, as he is a nukekubi. In this form, his body is lifeless, like a headless doll. The place where it is cut is smooth, like a closed wound. His head grows sharp teeth and red eyes, and by the end of its transformation looks truly demonic. His skin is paler than before, and his hair becomes akin to black fire. His eyes are wild with bloodlust. This form does not make him much different inside, but the frightening appearance is what he uses to scare his living victims before eating them, as it tends to enhance the flavour.
Biology: What's the creature like? The nukekubi is a creature that is a completely normal human during the light of day, with only a string of red symbols around its neck where its head detaches to convey its true nature, which can easily be covered by clothing, jewelry, or makeup. At night, their head detaches smoothly and bloodlessly from their body, and it roams around eating people (dead or alive). For its living victims, it generally likes to scare them before it eats them. The more humane nukekubi prefer to eat corpses. When their head is gone, their body is lifeless, like a doll. If it is destroyed or hidden and the head cannot reattach before sunrise, the creature dies.

The head itself is virtually indestructible, and rather horrific-looking. This is because most nukekubi like to frighten their prey before eating them. They will eat a whole human or more in one night, preferring them to be "ripe" or mature. This may be why some prefer corpses. However, for some nukekubi, fear is also a sort of seasoning, which is why some also prefer the living.
Personality: Kiku is a rather stoic man on the outside, seemingly without opinions. He tends to agree with others, if only to just keep himself from gaining enemies. If he doesn't like you, he will act very polite and never say it to your face. On the inside he is actually very opinionated and rather cynical, almost hateful. People rarely see this side of him, even if they are his friend. However, around his friends (which he doesn't have many of, as he has trust issues) he is a little more open and laid-back. Public displays of affection, public nudity, and anything similar to physical affection or sexual things makes him nervous as hell and very upset. He also has acute haphephobia, the fear of being touched.

He likes salty food, and if it is insulted he will become insulted as well. Other than humans, he likes to eat human food, but mostly he only likes the food from his own country. While it holds little to no nutritional value for him, it is quite delicious and tends to help in hiding his true nature.

Kiku is a very prideful man as well. He never wants to admit it if something is wrong with him, or if he is wrong. His answers are ambiguous in meaning so he never gives a direct answer; however, his apologies are often stiff, as if he truly believes that he shouldn't be the one apologizing (which is probably the case). Deep down, he considers nukekubi to be above all others, though he won't ever show it, not even to himself. He also thinks that the Japanese are superior to all other ethnicities, though he keeps this hidden as well.

His thoughts are generally whirling in his head since he has no outlet for them other than his art. Imagine being so heavily opinionated, yet unable to speak your mind. The most he can do when he doesn't like you is act cold and distant, hiding it behind a mask of politeness and good manners. Though he seems very amicable at most times, he probably hates you all. Something about you will most likely irk him no matter what, especially when he first meets you. After he gets to know you better, he may come to either deal with it or the previously irritating trait can become endearing in a way. Few people, however, are able to get that close.

~He bites his lip a lot, generally when he is nervous, upset in any way, thinking, or in an awkward situation.
~He doesn't use contractions when he speaks.
Kiku, like most other nukekubi, was raised living in a "family" of others of his kind, whom he actually wasn't related to, to pose as a normal human family. They posed as a family of orphans being raised by the eldest brother. They would travel from town to town, leaving every time suspicions started to arise about people disappearing, which kept Kiku from making friends. This might have led to his antisocial tendencies, as he never really had anyone his age that he could relate to.

Eventually he left the family after getting into a fight with the eldest brother. If asked about it, he probably wouldn't be able to answer. It was something trivial. What might have happened, as far as he can remember, is that there was a small family staying in their house, whom their own family were going to eat later. Kiku and the eldest wanted to eat the same one, but instead of sharing they were both stubborn, and the eldest said that since Kiku was younger he didn't get a choice. Kiku was petulant and attacked the other's body, not enough to kill, but enough to leave a wound to show his displeasure.

The family was displeased, but instead of letting them throw him out he left. This may be one of the only times Kiku has ever acted in such a manner. After that, he swore to himself that he would always keep his opinions inside of him so as to not cause unnecessary trouble. He barely keeps in touch with them now, but still misses the way things were a little. When he was on his own, life was difficult. There were times when he wished that he hadn't left and times when he wished he never even existed. Those were the worst, as it was always a striking blow to his pride to think that he -- and maybe even his entire existence -- may have been wrong.

He lived in constant fear of the people around him, isolating himself entirely. He was always afraid that they would try to kill him, as nukekubi genarally are hated creatures. Whenever he thought someone had found his secret, he killed them immediately out of extreme paranoia, forcing him to leave town directly afterwards. The worst was a village girl around his age. It was no secret that she liked the mysterious stranger, though Kiku himself never knew. He was too busy trying to keep himself isolated from others. Her friends, however, insisted that he liked her too, but he was just hiding it. This prompted the giggling girl to come up to him, swaying her hips cutely, and say, "I know your secret~" Kiku immediately panicked, and hastily killed her.

Ironically, this drastic measure he took in securing his secret was what exposed him. The villagers found his head gnawing on the corpse. Someone had heard a rustling and savage eating noise and feared it was a wild animal. When they went to look, they saw Kiku's head. There was a riot, a mob, torches; Kiku didn't remember much but the fear he felt when everyone was hunting for his body, trying to destroy it. Thankfully he was able to reattach it before the sun rose, and ran from the angry mob who were (quite literally) after his head.

He hid out in the woods, becoming weak from not eating due to trying to maintain a low profile. Eventually, the elder brother of the girl he killed found him. There was a tear-filled confrontation (on the brother's part; Kiku himself merely stood there, dumbstruck) in which the brother told Kiku, "You monster! She loved you, and you killed her! Why? Why?!" Shaking, Kiku killed the boy in front of him while still in his human form, tears making their way down his cheeks. At night he ate the corpse just because he needed the nutrition, but his heart (though his body was inanimate at the time) felt heavy. If only he had known...

Eventually a well-wishing creature found him in the woods and called the Zodiac School, who took him in. He was afraid until they explained that they too were a mythical creature, and a former graduate. His apprehension lessened, and he allowed himself to be taken to this new foreign place.

Other Information:
~He has a crippling fear of cockroaches
~He generally tries not to use honorifics because he doesn't want to stand out.
~If any harm comes to his body before the sun rises, or his head is unable to reattach his head to his body before the sun rises, he will die.
~He prefers to wear high-collared shirts and jackets to hide his markings.
~He is a little embarrassed of his markings, and doesn't like people to know about them; even those closest to him.

Role Play Sample:
Kiku stared at the large, daunting building in front of him. So this was the place? He didn't feel comfortable entering it. A lifetime of mistrust was keeping him from entering the foreboding building before him. He didn't like that it felt a little homey, and he refused to admit it to himself or anyone else. He cursed silently in his head. All he had to do was enter the building. And soon; the sun was going to set in just an hour and a half, and he needed to get situated before that happened, or someone could find his head or body...

Steeling his nerves, he got up all of his courage and entered the foreboding building before him, beginning his new life. The Kiku Honda from before was dead now. All that remained was him, here and now. With this thought, he entered the Zodiac School for the first time.

~ O O C I N F O R M A T I O N ~

Your name: I go by many. Tofu, Kiku, Kuro, Ann, Jack... I'll take 'em all.
Age: Sixteen in July.
Time-zone: EST
Email/AIM/MSN/Etc: Um... My Skype is MagicalTofu ...
Did you read the rules?: Yeah... but I'm not wearing a shirt. ._.
Anything else you want to add: Yes. I was told that I had to have a valid argument for why I think this creature is appropriate... so here it is. Nukekubi don't necessarily have to eat living humans. They can eat corpses that are already dead, and with some it's actually preferred that they're already dead. Also, it said to make them culturally appropriate, and practically everything else is either ridiculous, too inhuman, or a woman. Not only that, but the nukekubi is not as disgusting as it sounds. I know the thought of the head detaching can be very disturbing, but the creature was made to lose its head... there is no blood or gore or anything when the head comes off. It's like taking off a shirt... but instead it's taking off its body.
Also, BWAH is the greatest. Emoticon. EVER. And I will probably use it constantly. ;u;
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Kiku Honda (FINISHED and FIXED!) [a c c e p t e d] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Kiku Honda (FINISHED and FIXED!) [a c c e p t e d]   Kiku Honda (FINISHED and FIXED!) [a c c e p t e d] Icon_minitimeWed May 25, 2011 12:19 pm

Is lovely, you are accepted! <3 Matt will now bug Kiku constantly ;u;
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Kiku Honda (FINISHED and FIXED!) [a c c e p t e d]
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