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 Arthur Kirkland Application [a c c e p t e d]

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Arthur Kirkland

Arthur Kirkland

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Arthur Kirkland Application [a c c e p t e d] Empty
PostSubject: Arthur Kirkland Application [a c c e p t e d]   Arthur Kirkland Application [a c c e p t e d] Icon_minitimeSat Dec 11, 2010 12:58 pm

~ T H E C H A R A C T E R ~

[img] [url=]Arthur Kirkland Application [a c c e p t e d] Englan11

Full name: Arthur James Kirkland

Age: 16
Hometown: London, UK

Creature: Vampire
Favourite Subject: English Literature
Extra Details: He often misses lessons when his heart gets weak, so he has to catch up by himself sometimes.

Physical description:

Arthur tries to work the sexy creature of the night angle, but due to his scowly face, he tends to put people off rather than attract them. Nobody, upon first sight can help not looking at those eyebrows off his - they're unmistakably large. But under those eyebrows his has bright green eyes and long eyelashes that disappear in to blond at the tips. He has a scar on his chest from where he had heart surgery at the age of seven.

Everything about him if very gaunt. Being a vampire, he has rather pale skin and pointy teeth. Not so much as to pierce skin, because he has them retracted but certainly enough to look strange. He's sensitive to light, so if he's in sun too long his skin scalds and his eyes turn milky white and he's temporarily blinded.

His hair is an ashen blond that he prefers to describe, in a rather self deprecating manner as dirty blond. He dresses rather older than he is in an attempt to be the person his family wishes him to be though he has a secret rebellious streak that wants him to get a tattoo, thought he never does, for the 'good of the family'.

Biology: What's the creature like?

There are different subsets of vampire, the only thing they share is the need to sustain themselves on blood. Arthur is a Germanic sub-species of vampire, that was originally only found in central and eastern Europe; from Germany through to the United Kingdom and all over the eastern europee though obviously they have colonised and interbred. The japanese vampire is of a completely different breed, though as time goes by, they get closer together.

Vampires are born, not created. Their physiology is very close to that of humans, so close that they can interbreed, forming two classes of vampire, pureblood and mixedblood. Only one gene separates vampires and humans, but that one gene makes a lot of difference. Physically, they are almost exactly the same apart from the vampire's concealable fangs and claws.

First, we have to clear up a few misconceptions. One, vampires are not pale because they have no blood, they're pale because they don't go out in the sun very much due to light sensitivity.

Two, that they are 'undead'. The whole idea of being undead is preposterous, like any creature they are born, but their life is much longer than human's. Vampires are actually born half human, but the human part of them dies off when they're about twenty in order to release her full, vampyritic power. This often comes with a personality change, they become more reclusive, more morbid, and often struggle to empathise with humans.

Three, it is untrue that the vampire's bite means death or vampirism. Vampires take enough blood to drink, and they can kill, but their are stimulants in they bite that replenishes their blood. There are also coagulants and healing agents and endorphins that make it pleasurable to be bitten.

Vampires have varying degrees of sensitivity to light. Some can be exposed to sunlight with only minor effects, a slight pain on exposed skin, no more than uncomfortably hot water, but not scalding. However, it can range all the way up to vampires who can't go out in the sun or else they get the equivalent of third degree burns in seconds. Another side effect us temporary blindness, which can last for seconds or several hours.

They can eat some human food, and will do for pleasure, but they get their nutrients from blood, not necessarily human, but it's the best for them. They don't produce very good blood; it's missing some vital agents, so part of the reason they drink blood is to supplement their own. Blood type doesn't seem to matter to them, although vampires claim that different types of blood have different tastes.

Throughout history, the vampire's state through history has changed. They used to live alongside humans, and often helped with medical operations. However, with the institutionalisation of Christianity, they were persecuted alongside witches and forced to go in to hiding. It was the christians who began the rumours; that they were undead and turned humans in to one of them. They stayed open a lot longer in eastern europe, which is why the ledgends are said to come from that part of the world.


Arthur has some trust issues when it comes to people talking to him, he tends to be a little frosty because he never had friends very much as a kid; in fact he was bullied a bit before his powers developed. He loves to read, particularly classic literature but also fantasy books, and his hobbies include buying crates of twilight books to set alight to because, in his words, the only thing that book is good for is kindling.

Arthur has a bad habit of staring at people because he tends to descend in to his mind and 'space out'. He also loses things constantly, like his keys or homework or even obvious things like his shoes. He also has a few anger issues, but he keeps them under control because of his fear that someone will get hurt, it's happened before. Due to this and his issues with trust, he tends to snap at those he considers friends in order to keep them away from him.


When Arthur was born, his face was blue and his heart didn't beat, his first meeting with death. The doctors managed to resuscitate him, but his heart remained weak. He was born a vampire, it's what he grew up with, all he's ever known, even though for the first five years of his

life he didn't present any signs. However, not long after he started nursery, he started to show light sensitivity. As a consequence, he was always covered up at school and couldn't play with the other children in the playground and became reclusive.

His only respite was books. Because nobody would play with him inside when they could be outside in the sun, what he did was read, so he was ahead of the class. When he moved to primary school, the bullying started. He moved to a bigger school with more children and they were cruel. But being out in the day weakened Arthur, and he had a weak heart anyway. He couldn't defend himself, a small skinny thing who needed a lot of rest and occasionally a respirator.

One day the bullying just got too much and he attacked two of the bullies. Later they would both claim they had been savaged by an animal, and who would believe them if they said anything different? The canine bite marks, the deep claw marks, there was no way a human could have savaged someone as they had been attacked. Arthur never really learned the full extent of what he did that day. His parents found him licking up the blood from one of the wounds, feral look in his eyes. Arthur has spent the rest of life trying to control his vampiristic urges.

After Arthur's first attack, his strength didn't diminish, as it usually does when the raw strength is released. Then his magical powers begun to develop and it frightened him. He would set whole rooms on fire, and trying to control his raw power put a lot of strain on Arthur, a lot of stress his heart didn't need. He spent nearly a year bed ridden, trying to keep his abilities under control. There are also other complications of his extreme power. His hypersensitivity is a lot worse than the rest of his family, so he's a little reclusive. He has a bad temper that he has to get under control or he could end up attacking someone.

Eventually, his parents decided that he needed to go somewhere to get his magic under control so they decided to send him to the Zodiac school to learn how to control himself.

Other Information: I don’t think so…

Role Play Sample:

[I couldn't be bothers to write something, so, here's a bit of an AU I'm writing set in 1939. It's Arthur/Ludwig but ignore that, it's hardly there.]

In January 1939, Arthur was a normal 16 year old boy. But by the time summer had started to drift away, everything had changed.

It started on September 3rd, when Arthur sat in his family's library, radio tuned in to the news, not really listening, just enjoying the background noise.

“And so it is with the greatest regret,” Crackled out the radio, “That we in Britain must declare war on Germany.”

Arthur looked up and licked his lips, which seemed to have gone cold at those few words. A war with Germany…

He stood and went to the window of his room. His father had been killed because of that war… not directly, he had survived the war (unlike Arthur's uncle and grandfather) but the things he had seen… Arthur didn't think he would ever forget walking in to see his father swinging from a rope in their bathroom.

Well, When I say it started with the declaration of war on Germany, I'm not entirely correct, the event only lead up to the beginning. The true beginning came in fact (as close as it is possible to pinpoint) a few days later on the found the arrival of one Ludwig Warren Beilshmidt. Or as he had been introduced to him Anthony Brown, though this name meant nothing. Arthur was intrigued by the boy, who was a year older than him and a great deal taller. Mostly what piqued his curiosity was the silence, the way he seemed to nod or shake his head to every question as if he had been struck dumb. It… annoyed Arthur.

Nobody knew where he had come from, just that it was him and his brother. The brother was happy to get involved in the life around their village, but he had something of an accent. Nobody could quite pinpoint it, just that it was European, and not French.

It was a scandal, of course. Two young handsome men, no parents, and the older one (around 28) wasn't married, the horror, didn't even have a sweetheart. Village folk talked of course, and there were all kinds of unsavoury rumours surrounding him, and, eventually, a fair few wondering why neither of them had signed up to fight for their country despite being of an eligible age.

Arthur didn't share the same view of this disgrace to their country, but perhaps that was because he had lost nearly all his male relatives to the great war. He certainly wouldn't enlist unless he had to. He didn't want to end up like his father, haunted and twitchy with shell-shock, then inevitably swinging from a rope.

Arthur was still frustratingly mystified by 'Anthony' and his silence. Still, everything was about to change, he was about to discover the truth behind Anthony's silence.

A week after his arrival, on September 14, 1:34pm, they were playing games at school. Football, to be exact. Anthony liked playing football, though he did it with that silent concentration that he always had about him. Like everything he did, from writing to sport to just walking, he had such deep concentration. Then, as he ran for the ball, his foot twisted on a rock and he fell on to himself with a horrible crunch. A cry passed his lips, the first sound that had ever escaped him and he clutched at his leg. Tears pricked his eyes with the pain and he panted harshly. Arthur ran over and drew him to his feet, allowing the older boy to lean on him.

“Ruddy hell, Anthony, what happened there?” One of the other boys asked, running up. Anthony refused to talk still though, just grunted and panted in pain. “He tripped, obviously!” Arthur spoke for him. “He needs to go to the nurse.”

“Kirkland!” The games teacher yelled, running over, “Take Brown to the infirmary to check his ankle.” He ordered.

“Yes sir.” He said. “Come on then, Brown.” He stared to walk slowly and Anthony limped along next to him.

They got to the infirmary and the nurse came over, “Dear, dear,” she said, helping Anthony over to a cot and lying him down, “You boys.” She shook her head, “What happened?”

“Fell on the pitch. With an awful crack.”

~ O O C I N F O R M A T I O N ~

Your name: Lauren
Age: 16
Time-zone: GMT + 0
Did you read the rules?: Pale blue with a zebra
Anything else you want to add: Nope.

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Matthew Williams
Matthew Williams

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PostSubject: Re: Arthur Kirkland Application [a c c e p t e d]   Arthur Kirkland Application [a c c e p t e d] Icon_minitimeSat Dec 11, 2010 1:32 pm

You are accepted! Do I need to say more? Change your name, profile pic, blah blah blah.
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Arthur Kirkland

Arthur Kirkland

Posts : 70
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Age : 25
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PostSubject: Re: Arthur Kirkland Application [a c c e p t e d]   Arthur Kirkland Application [a c c e p t e d] Icon_minitimeSun Dec 12, 2010 12:03 pm

Thank you!
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Arthur Kirkland Application [a c c e p t e d] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Arthur Kirkland Application [a c c e p t e d]   Arthur Kirkland Application [a c c e p t e d] Icon_minitime

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Arthur Kirkland Application [a c c e p t e d]
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