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 Student Application: Trung Chi Hao - Vietnam (fixed (THANK YOU ARTHUR!)) [a c c e p t e d]

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Student Application: Trung Chi Hao - Vietnam (fixed (THANK YOU ARTHUR!)) [a c c e p t e d] Empty
PostSubject: Student Application: Trung Chi Hao - Vietnam (fixed (THANK YOU ARTHUR!)) [a c c e p t e d]   Student Application: Trung Chi Hao - Vietnam (fixed (THANK YOU ARTHUR!)) [a c c e p t e d] Icon_minitimeMon Jun 06, 2011 6:43 pm

~ T H E C H A R A C T E R ~

Student Application: Trung Chi Hao - Vietnam (fixed (THANK YOU ARTHUR!)) [a c c e p t e d] 7b7a068025d3a3afc9889908d9eaf45b

Full name: Trung Chi Hoa
Age: 16
Hometown: Sai Gon, Vietnam

Creature: Jikininki

Favourite Subject: P.E., Arithmetic, and Science

Extra Details: Hoa always carries around gum, candies, lollipops, and cough drops. Also if in extreme circumstances she wears a surgical mask to prevent her cravings from getting out of control..

Physical description:

Her current physical form is an average looking teenage girl with long and shiny, black hair that is pulled back into a low pony tail. Hoa is often found wearing dresses, skirts, and tends not to wear any make up. She’s about average height for an Asian girl, however she’s short compared to Europeans. She has light tan skin from hanging out in the sun all day and almond colored and shaped eyes. She is extremely fit, but eats like a pig. She is trained in the martial arts and loves picking fights, which happens quite often and result with her receiving bruises and scars on her arms, legs, and face. She has the ability to change her human form during the day, however she tends to stay constant in her appearance until she wants to start a new life.

However at night, her true form takes over her body. Her skin turns a deep rust color and her body is covered in blisters, scars, wounds, and infection. She grows claws and her eyes turns blood red. Her true form looks like a walking corpse and is so disturbing looking that you'd be frozen in fear. That is why at night she roams far from her friends to satisfy her inevitable cravings.

Biology: What's the creature like?
A Jikininki is what you would think of a cross between a ghoul and a zombie. Jikininkies are the spirits of greedy, selfish or impious individuals who are cursed after death to seek out and eat human corpses. They do this at night, scavenging for newly dead bodies and food offerings left for the dead. They sometimes also loot the corpses they eat for valuables, which they use to bribe local officials to leave them in peace. Nevertheless, jikininki lament their condition and hate their disgusting cravings for dead human flesh.
Often, jikininki are said to look like decomposing corpse, perhaps with a few inhuman features such as sharp claws or glowing eyes. They are a horrifying sight, and any mortal who views one finds himself or herself frozen in fear. They have the ability to magically disguise themselves as normal human beings and lead normal "lives" by day.

Hoa is usually quiet and a bit awkward around crowds and strangers. She is a hard nut to crack. Hoa has spent many lifetimes thinking over all the wrongs she have done in the past. She is no longer a malicious killer; however, she has trust issues and often is offended if you try to get close to her. She enjoys her personal space and the quietness of nature. Hoa can be pretty stubborn on things and even ridiculously ignorant. She is a caring person when you show her that you are not a threat and can be a reliable and kind friend. Hoa can also be pretty scary and abusive if you do something mean, foolish, or selfish and she ends up finding out. Hoa also loves herself and easily brush off any mean things you have to say about her. Her only weakness is her true form she is ashamed and hates what she becomes at night, so at times if she has no choice; she locks herself in the nearest room until the sun rises. She would rather wipe herself off the face of the Earth (again) before willing to show you her true form.

Hoa is a more of a tom-boy than anything. She can keep up with the guys no problem and enjoy their care free personality. However that doesn't mean that she can't hang out with girls. She is always open for discussion on gossip and cute boys. However if you try to bring up the drama crap, she'll be already out the door playing football with the guys.

In her original life: She was raised in a loving family: a father, mother, her pet tiger named Huong, and five older brothers. Her father and brothers always hunted for their food, while she and her mother stayed home to clean and farm; while Huong guarded their home from strangers and potential threats. Life was considered rather hard and unpredictable for the Trung family, however they were grateful that they had food on the table and each other. One night when Hoa was coming back home from taking Huong out for a walk; she found her home ransacked. Apparently someone came into her home took everything and killed her mother, father, and her five older brothers. She was so shocked that she stood by their body for two days straight, grieving their death.

It was Huong that finally took Hoa out of the house and into the forest. Huong comforted her and hunted from their meal until she felt better. After a couple of month, Hoa finally accepted her family’s death and helped Huong hunted and built their shelter. She grew used to the quietness of the forest anyways she didn’t need to talk, because Huong understood her perfectly and vice versa. Huong one day came home with a beautiful female tiger. At first she thought that Hoa was food until Huong explained the situation. Months later, Hoa found herself a new family of Houng and his wife’s children. She thought that at last she found happiness.

One day Hoa caught a cold and couldn’t hunt with them; she waited for hours for them to come back but they never did. She got worried and went out to look for them. When she finally found them, they were caught and trapped by some hunters. She immediately jumped on one of the hunter’s back and bashed his head against the cage. However they were too many and so she was caught along with Huong and his family. The hunters shot her new family in front of her eyes. She finally made a connection.. It was to kill or be killed. Her heart grew cold and empty. Instead of killing her, the hunter decided that it would be best to sell her into slavery. Over the years, she was passed down to owner to owner doing the most revolting things she would have never thought that she would have done in her lifetime.

One day she just cracked. During the middle of the night she grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed her owner in the heart, and ran away. At the age of30, she found a job as an assassin. She thought that it would be the best job for her. She had the ability and the strength to do so. So she thought why not. She really didn't care what happened to the family of the person she killed, or even the purpose of killing that person. No one ever cared what happened to her family. She always thought that she was in the right business earning big bucks for killing one little person. She was also creative on the different ways of killing them... Either by drowning, torture, or even making them die every so slowly.

Ironically she was killed herself by an assassin, while she was lazing about on top of her roof. When she died her soul was rejected at the Gates of Heaven for her ruthless murders so she cursed to be a jikininki for all of eternity. From then on she's been moving all around trying to prevent being figured out and living a normal life during the day. Several years into this new life, she was caught in a grave yard by a priest. The priest was quite horrified at the sight, until the sun rose and she was able to be disguised herself as a human. She asked him if he could help him in any way what so ever. The priest shook his head and said that nothing that he could do would help her to rest in peace, however he knew of a school. He made several phone calls and registered her in the zodiac school.

Other Information:
- She hates it when you're behind her
- She carries around a little kit that makes fake I.D.s
- She is technically immortal
- She finds her curse a blessing at times...

Role Play Sample:
” I hate it when this happens.. “ Hoa thought to herself. “Everywhere I go, all I can hear is Swine Flu. “ Hoa sighed and continued pulling her bags through the busy crowds of the Tokyo Airport. “Let’s see where is Platform E7..” Hoa asked herself. She looked up seeing: B3, B4, B5, and B6. “Did I take the wrong turn?” She started to feel hot. She pulled down her surgical mask and inhaled some fresh air. Bad move… She could smell the reek of death everywhere. Her mouth began to water; instantly she took out a tick tack box from her pocket and dumped all the mints into her mouth. “I can’t go anywhere, everything smells like death.” Her tongue began to burn. “Too much mint..”

Someone tapped her on shoulder, “Ano, sumimasen..” She jumped, “Ahh!” She turned around to catch her breath. It was a Japanese girl, and she was holding a rice hat. “Gomen dasai. D-domo Arigato...” Hoa stuttered with all the mints in her mouth and reached for her hat. The girl smiled behind her own surgical mask and walked off. “She was really nice... I wish I could stick around, but I was caught the other night, and I just know that it’ll be all over the news soon..” Hoa continued walking and looking around for Platform E7.

An hour has passed and she still couldn’t find the platform. She is now very worried. “Oh no, I’ll miss my flight at this rate. Maybe it’s time to ask for help.” She looked around for the nearest person to ask. At last she found a very cute boy. “Ano Sumimasen..” She started until he turned around. “Whoa, he’s really hot.” He looked just like one of those pretty boys in an anime. He had sun kissed skin, long black hair, a nice body and a smile that could melt any girl’s heart. “Hello.” He glanced over at her. “He speaks English!” “Hello, I was wondering if you know where Platform E7 is?” Hoa spat out. “You can’t find it either? Maybe we can find it together?” He smiled. “O-okay.” Hoa stuttered.

She followed the stranger aimlessly around the airport. All she could do was stare at the floor. She was so embarrassed on how she stuttered earlier. “Here we are..” the boy said. Hoa looked up, there it was Platform E7. “Thank you so much. I couldn’t have found it without you..” “Do you know what seat you’ll be seated in?” the boy asked her. “Ahh, yes I’ll be sitting in A3.” Hoa blushed. She completely forgot that he’d in the same plane as herself. “Oh cool, I’ll be sitting in A4. We’re seat buddies!” He sounded excited. She said nothing and blushed even harder. “Did you know that the plane is delayed and we won’t get to China until 7 o’clock?” He asked curiously. “Oh no, I didn’t know..” She was in a panic now. “ CRAP! WHY ME?!”

~ O O C I N F O R M A T I O N ~

Your name: I Go by Ami or even Asian
Age: 16
Time-zone: CST
Did you read the rules?: Lime green ^w^
Anything else you want to add:
I often use a lot of emoticon… so please don't get annoyed. My creature is harmless to the living, but it will scare them a bit. Also my character has some control over herself at night, but her cravings will tend to get the best of her... I apologies if I'm no good, this is my first time applying for a character and I couldn‘t find any good Vietnamese creatures that I liked so I just stole a Japanese one..!
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Matthew Williams
Matthew Williams

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Student Application: Trung Chi Hao - Vietnam (fixed (THANK YOU ARTHUR!)) [a c c e p t e d] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Student Application: Trung Chi Hao - Vietnam (fixed (THANK YOU ARTHUR!)) [a c c e p t e d]   Student Application: Trung Chi Hao - Vietnam (fixed (THANK YOU ARTHUR!)) [a c c e p t e d] Icon_minitimeWed Jun 08, 2011 8:22 am

This is lovely! You're accepted of course! (sorry I took so long getting around to replying) Feel free to start posting around~

Student Application: Trung Chi Hao - Vietnam (fixed (THANK YOU ARTHUR!)) [a c c e p t e d] Matthe10
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Student Application: Trung Chi Hao - Vietnam (fixed (THANK YOU ARTHUR!)) [a c c e p t e d]
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