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 Fight Club [Gilbert+Keith]

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PostSubject: Fight Club [Gilbert+Keith]   Fight Club [Gilbert+Keith] Icon_minitimeThu Feb 17, 2011 10:06 pm

He had waited until night to sneak out, which really wasn't all that hard when you thought about it, he snuck out of the dorms making sure he put on a hoodie and snuck down to the main grounds. It was a beautiful night and even though he was most likely breaking some rule one way or another he took his time to gaze at the star and moons, the constalations here were different from the ones he was used to gazing up at, not that change wasn't a bad thing. It was just interesting.

He started to walk again hoisting his bag back up onto back so it wasn't sagging down on his shoulder's too hard, it was a large bag and really just contained eletrical equipment for a music system. He looked around keeping an eye out for Gilbert who he had agreed to meet but also birds, thankfully they were mostly asleep at night but there was always the odd bird flying overhead and they all seemed to know they could talk to them and didn't understand the concept of whispering.

He had moved far away from the school he felt confident no one would see him, he turned around pulling his hood off shaking his head scratching his head, he yawned slightly before turning back to the way he was walking before keeping an eye out for Gilbert.

He started to hum quietly to himself as he walked placing his hands in his pockets looking around.
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Fight Club [Gilbert+Keith]
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