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 Francis Bonnefoy / France [Application] [a c c e p t e d]

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Francis Bonnefoy

Francis Bonnefoy

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Francis Bonnefoy / France [Application] [a c c e p t e d] Empty
PostSubject: Francis Bonnefoy / France [Application] [a c c e p t e d]   Francis Bonnefoy / France [Application] [a c c e p t e d] Icon_minitimeFri Jul 22, 2011 3:28 pm

~ T H E C H A R A C T E R ~

Francis Bonnefoy / France [Application] [a c c e p t e d] Jkg66q
All credit for the image and the icon go to LovePotion No.9.

Full name: Francis Bonnefoy
Age: 26 (real age: old as dirt)
Hometown: Paris, France

Creature: Undine, but likes to spook the freshmen by claiming he's an incubus
Teaches: Environmental Science, Swimming [Zodiac doesn't have enough teachers to cover the 'favourite subjects' of most of the students (who have been accepted), so I'm going to throw Francis out here as a substitute for Maths when Berwald is on leave, Arts (Visual and Dramatic), and Choir (undines have beautiful singing voices). The other favourites seem to be the sciences, Literature, P.E., and home economics. The most I can do is Biology and Classical Literature. Cooking is covered by Antonio.]
Experience: Has a formal degree in secondary education and biology, but takes a highly unconvential hands-on not in that way approach with his students, preferring lab over lecture. A senior staff member.
Extra Details: Francis's volatile personality often disturbs the flow of water, which influences any positive or negative emotions that are experienced by staff and students alike on campus--emotional well-being. He can't quite help it: undines are known for possessing strong emotions. Hence, he's turned to meditation to help him relax, although he prefers more physical outlets.

Physical description: For the basics: Francis is around 175 cm/5' 9", with long, graceful legs and a slight build. However, like many magical creatures, he's stronger than he looks--swimming is his strong point, and he has found a great love in running onshore.

In accordance with his mythical nature, he has deep blue eyes that often reflect across the spectrum of light--settling often on robin's egg specks and lavender hues that meld into the iris. Light blonde hair falls in waves to his shoulders--airy in appearance and fine in texture. He often puts it up in a ponytail when he's working or needs a little extra 'umph' to concentrate. He sometimes wears reading glasses for the same reason--he's been alive and living with humans long enough to take in some of their weaknesses.

Fashion-wise, he's a sharp dresser, but very colourful with his wardrobe: he wears suits, but in a stylishly dishelved fashion; loves scarves and decorative boots; occasionally wears jeans (completely ignoring any dress code whatsoever) and loafers; has pierced ears and often wears simple gold studs. Occasionally wears other cultures' traditional garb, including tunics and oriental-style drapery; enjoys putting his hair up with various hairpins (including chopsticks) and clips, not at all deeming the style as 'feminine.' After all, he still has that manly stubble.

When he's feeling particular in tune with the sea, and/or doesn't feel up to picking outfits, he dons the signature garb of the undines--a shimmering, watery cloth that drapes over his body like a wave against the rocks. He has a love of seashells and stones, especially as accessories.

Biology: Undines are "beautiful, emotional, and graceful Nature Spirits who," as stated in physical apperance, dress in a sea-coloured garb that has a "shimmering consistency and watery texture."

The majority of undines (aside from those in smaller ponds and streams) resemble humans--often as beautiful maidens. They are, however, often associated with other water spirits, including but not limited to mermaids, mermen, nymphs, and oceanids. Like water, they are sensual in their moments, the most human (and seductive) of the four elemental types--and thus relate well to human emotions, including issues revolving about love and lust, friendship and desire. Friendly, sympathetic, and loving toward humanity, they have no problem residing close to civilizations and--in Francis's case--amongst them.

Due to his intricate relationship with water, Francis lives on the outskirts of campus, feeling more at ease when physically closer to marshlands, fountains, lakes, rivers, seas, waterfalls, coral caves, or even wells. Other than his ability to control the currents (along with water magic), he lives as a human while on land, and indulges as a undine when on leave. He also has the ability to breathe underwater, easily diving to extreme depths without being subject to the physics of water pressure (although he has no apparent gills). His eyesight is sharper in water than on land, as with all his other senses.

Personality/Habits: Influenced by his biological counterpart, Francis is generally quite loving (and not afraid to show it; who needs clothing anyway? He certainly didn't wear any in the water) and willing--probably too willing--to listen to others and pass advice. ...whether the recipient really needs it or not. He acts much younger than his age--although he matures when he believes it's pertinent--and is quite mischevious, eventually earning him the unofficial label of an incessant flirt.

He gets more moody than angry, having the ability and experience to emotionally detach himself from most situations. Still, his own storm clouds end up invariably creating ones that affect the entire campus, which is a problem all of its own. These flights of fancy don't last too long, however; it sometimes irks him--the benevolent nature of undines--, but it keeps his blood pressure down and lets him play pranks on other members of the staff without getting in too much trouble. Control over emotional responses comes in handy.

(He's also very passionate about his field of study and does not tolerate disrespect, especially when it's directed toward himself. Though sentimental and sympathetic, Francis is quite proud, and will not hesitate to resort to disciplinary action of any sort, as he sees fit.)

History: Francis has been lucky enough to live a fairly easy life compared to the other members of the staff--born hundreds of years before Zodiac School was ever conceived, he moved in and out of the water, observing the human societies and even participating in their activities when he was sure that he wouldn't get caught. Coming from a large lake, he had no trouble mingling as a humanoid, but he's had many a close call in the past where he's had to run for his life after being confused for a siren and other malevolent water spirits, several times over. His somewhat ethereal appearance has given him the misguided identities of "angel," "demon," "air sprite," "fee," which both amused him and exposed him to the disconnect between the mythical world and that of humans.

The more pressing matter of his home, the lake, being tapped for fishing and commercial uses, threatening the delicate balance of the local ecosystem was the trigger--alarming both him and the undine community around him. Feeling distressed and betrayed, the undines created enough unrest for Francis to suggest attempting diplomacy. Fighting was out of the question--the were lovers, not fighters, and their greatest weakest was the lack of water. Through the aid of a local peasant girl named Jeanne d'Arc, the undines managed to secure their borders from invasion. The rapid industralization of his surroundings became more and more of a concern, however--with the modern world colliding into that of the mythical, once reverred and left to its own devices.

Warily, but unable to think of any other solution, Francis asked and received Jeanne's help in analyzing the effects of environmental destruction, eventually leading to her enrollment in the men's club of college. Increasing his study of geography, Francis was restless both in and out of water, and traveled throughout the twentieth century to other deterioating hot-spots, having lost Jeanne as she grew old and passed, leaving him her notes and projects. The issue of the environment continued to remain on the backburner, and the undine community was growing more and more agitated. If Francis wasn't wired to be somewhat rational, he'd have gone and planted a few changelings, himself. Or devoured the bloody lot of ignorants. Or drowned them.

By the time the land had been ravaged by the Great War--with whole regions of human and mythical land stripped bare and slaughtered with bomb casings and bloodshed, Francis and his fellow undines were ready to disappear in the oceans--never having been pressured so much in so little time. But, as if a favour had been granted, environmentalism and global peace initiatives arose and pushed back, and after some deliberation, Francis set forth on his own, back on land, to officialize his studies and see what impact he could make. ...all the while struggling to eliminate the idea that he was a 'freedom fighter.' Mon dieu, he could do without the justice factor. Damned undine generosity. Putain.

Hearing through the grapevine about the opening of a school for supernaturals, he soon wrapped up his studies and applied for assistant positions, ready to teach the hell out of his students and give them first-hand experience on what it was liked to be directly connected to nature. Currently, he's been teaching for a little over two years, adjusting his curriculum to fit everything from the obscure (e.g., "Underwater Basket Weaving") to workshops on protective water magic, especially to ward off malevolent (and even more so, in today's world) beings. He's still discontent with the state of things, and is constantly debating over the merits of getting more deeply involved in the green movement not as a human, but an undine.

Other Information: Almost as if to counter his near sickeningly sweet and seductive inner nature, Francis is an epicure and eccentric and lives life to the maximum even on his teacher's salary. He could be more frugal with his money. He loves little knick knacks, and has developed a love for, as mentioned prior, seashells, rocks, and baubles. He also has an irrational interest in antique guns--partially due to his lack of understanding to the intense human-to-human hostilities. Politics amongst humans seems childish and without resolution, in his opinion. He also enjoys reading, gardening (often consulting Toris in his spare time), painting, sex and relaxing near water or in sunlight.

Role Play Sample:
"'ein?" Francis's brows were inching upward, furrowed above his nose--and for once, nothing was said about wrinkles. The water in the tub splashed up against the siding as he cradled the papers he was grading in the lone dry hand as he slipped off his reading glasses with the other, smudging the lenses with water droplets.

He glanced once more at the perfect "100/100" staring back at him in green ink, the pen still tucked behind his ear. Not to be shining his own scales, but Francis tested like a madman. Couldn't help it, what with his being so deeply entrenched in the issue. His labs could kill, but the students didn't seem to mind much. Ahh, water manipulation. Slightly unethical, but that was beside the point.

A small wave jumped the edge of the porcelain as he shifted and sank back into the bath water. One of the most anal-retentive, but clever and innovative answers to his essay questions stared back at him.

Well. Here was a promising one. He forgave himself for overlooking little Miss Perfect, given that this was the first exam of the semester, but...

He rubbed the pad of his thumb over the neat handwriting beside "Name."

A one Mr. Arthur Kirkland.

~ O O C I N F O R M A T I O N ~

Your name: rainy
Age: 21
Time-zone: GMT -7/MST
Email/AIM/MSN/Etc.: o7
Did you read the rules?: White with brown patterns o/
Anything else you want to add: Let me know if I have to change anything on the app =u=b I did it all in one sitting, and just went through two other apps, so it might be a little slapdash. Was going through a serious debate between undine or incubus THE MOST OBVIOUS CHOICE OFC, but ended up choosing undine because there was more material I believed I could work from. Kind of. Overestimated what I could do with it, so I'm not terribly satisfied with how I've set Francis orz; I tried to make it believable and not too JUSTICE FREEDOM FIGHTER because it was starting to get there, but WE WILL SEE OTL Really tried to stick to any combination of mythical creatures in French (including Breton, Frank, and Norman) mythology, but none of them struck me as possibilities. I didn't want to do another dragon, because of Antonio, and every other option, including galipote and werewolves/foxes just didn't click. A lot of the ones I thought might be applicable were Scandinavian or far off the European continent 8D; SO BENEVOLENT KIND OF SAPPY UNDINE IT IS

TL;DR: Nah.

EDIT: Added a few substitute subjects he can cover after reading through the students' applications. Some light editing with personality, which isn't fully fleshed out.

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Francis Bonnefoy / France [Application] [a c c e p t e d] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Francis Bonnefoy / France [Application] [a c c e p t e d]   Francis Bonnefoy / France [Application] [a c c e p t e d] Icon_minitimeFri Jul 22, 2011 4:09 pm

I see nothing wrong with this. ACCEPTED~! Feel free to change your name and post an intro, etcetera, etcetera!

Francis Bonnefoy / France [Application] [a c c e p t e d] Matthe10
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Francis Bonnefoy / France [Application] [a c c e p t e d]
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