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 Graduation// Roderich Edelstein

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Roderich Edelstein

Roderich Edelstein

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PostSubject: Graduation// Roderich Edelstein   Graduation// Roderich Edelstein Icon_minitimeSun Jul 24, 2011 5:32 pm


Roderich Edelstein

(Now with more info than you care about)

Graduation// Roderich Edelstein 19211196_m

October 26, 1992
Salzburg, Austria

Grades after graduating:
English – B
Maths – A
Science – B
History – A
Music – A
Art – A

Current Job:
Zodiac School's Librarian
He also is a college student at a nearby University. He is majoring in Business, but wishes he was majoring in interior design instead.
He plays piano at the local bar every so often.

His parents bought him a nice, rather large, nicely furnished flat in town. Nonetheless, he spends a lot of time in the cramped dorms of the Zodiac School.

Alps are created by witch to be their tools of revenge. They are created with a curse upon a freshly deceased male spirit. In Roderich's case, he was drowned by a witch to be created. Whenever he comes within a certain distance of the witch who made him, he looses all freewill during the hours in which the sun is down. He merely becomes a tool to protect its master and harm those who cross her. If he does start to gain some control when under her power, the witch can easily destroy the magic keeping him together, effectively killing him. Also, being stabbed above the right eye will kill him.

Even when Roderich is free from the witch's control, he is not a pleasant creature. He is a nightmare creator, and those who have displeased him will certainly be visited in the long hours of the night. His powers as a spirit enable him to transform into a fine mist that can slip under bedroom doors or in through locks. From there, his misty form can approach a sleeping body and once inhaled, Roderich can control the dreams and nightmares of the victim. Also, if he prefers, upon breaking into the room he can sit on his victim's chest, thus resulting in paralysis. From there, he can bite and drink blood from the victim.

Many Alp also store some powers in their hats. Roderich, however, stores them in a pair of fake glasses. The magical object enables the Alp to transform into small animals or turn invisible, but Roderich has been unable to master the power of transformation. He can turn invisible, but he finds it to be a rather useless talent, as the glasses always stay annoyingly visible. He can also do some magic to an extent, as long as he has the glasses on.

On the plus side (for those tormented by Alps), his kind is not too hard to temporarily rid oneself of. If a person blocks all the holes that a mist could slip through, he cannot enter a room. Also, he can easily be trapped in a room. He must exit the room the same way he came in, so if the exit is blocked after he sneaks in, he will be stuck. Oftentimes, trapping an Alp will distract it from its main goal of trying to harm/bother its victim. If trying to chase one from a room, offering to serve him coffee, alcohol, or sweets in the morning will make him leave a victim alone for a couple of days after the food is given.

Roderich is a well-raised aristocrat. He was born into a rich and well-connected family. His upbringing made him a very polite and proper, if not arrogant, young man. However, concealed under a thin shell of politeness is a very short temper and this shell is easily destroyed in favor of undignified spluttering. Such destruction of personality is more easily achieved by men though, as he finds it hard to be overly cruel to women. Though, he is a bit of a push-over, thus his temper can be easily calmed. He gets lonely and cannot risk truly pushing anyone away with anger. Roderich feels the need to please people, even if he refuses to admit it.

His morals could also be brought into question, much like his aristocratic facades, due to the use of his powers. He will not hesitate to cause horrifying nightmares night after night for mild annoyances. He rarely feels guilt for doing so either. They did something wrong, and he feels the ought to be punished.

Roderich also acts like a frugal prude. It is a bit deceiving, since through his years in school he has dated quite a few men and women, but he enjoys putting on the act. As for the frugality, it merely came with being rich and uptight. His parents taught him not to throw money around; otherwise they would end up destitute. He takes it to an extreme, refusing to throw away clothing that is practically in tatters.

The young Austrian also tries to keep an air of cleanliness about him, trying to own little and keep his home from entering a state of disarray. He is, however, used to having people clean for him, so the niceness of his home can often be compromised. He secretly hates cleaning and oftentimes, when he knows that there is no risk of anyone popping in, he will leave his clothes lying about. If he knows he will have a guest, he will spend hours making his home perfect. Now that he lives alone in an apartment, his home gets messy quite often. He would like a maid to clean it, but he does not want to spend the money on one.

Other notes:
-Roderich has a talent for composing and playing string instruments and percussion.
-He is terrible with brass instruments and struggles with woodwind. He still wishes to play the flute though.
-Roderich is terrified of the ocean and sea creatures due to the fact he died drowning
-He likes baking and sewing.
-Even if his glasses did not store any power, he would still wear them because he feels plain without them.

Roderich was born into a rich family living in Salzburg, Austria. It was an old-fashioned family that basked in their “old money” glory. His mother and father were opinionated people who have yet to step into the twenty-first century. Much to his frustration, Roderich was ignored by his parents. He was the second eldest child, but his parents only really payed attention to the eldest. The eldest would follow in their footsteps. Roderich only mattered if that child died.

Roderich and the other young children were brought up and, later, taught by a nanny. They learned of etiquette and their futures as aristocrats. They were taught arrogance over the many lesser people of the world. The poor and middle class, the outcasts, the new money, the abnormal. All were people to look down upon.

The young Edelsteins ate up this knowledge. Roderich grew arrogant and distant. The only people he did talk to were the servants. No amount of arrogance could quell Roderich's fascination with these people. He spent long amounts of time learning to clean from the maids and often hung about in the kitchen, learning to cook and stealing food.

When he was eleven, his curiosity moved to a proudly displayed piano. No one in the family played it. It merely existed to impress. When the others were out, he would sneak to it and plunk away at the keys, learning. Eventually, a maid found him playing and offered to teach him to play properly. She quickly found that he had a talent and urged him to show off for his parents.

His parents did not approve. They worried that their son would try to become an artist and end up ruining their name. They felt that a musician would never get a wife and would become nothing but a leech and a vagrant. Roderich kept playing anyways, drifting further and further away from the world as he figured out how to play more and more. His defiance garnered the attention from his parents that he used to crave, but no longer wanted.

Roderich ignored his family for a good year. His distance from them and the world murdered his social skills, making him a bitter child. He spent a good deal of time away from the house, in the woods, only returning to play his beloved piano or to obtain food from the servants. This behavior garnered the attention of a powerful witch that his parents had wronged in a business transaction.

Seeing Roderich as a valuable tool, she drowned the young boy and cursed his spirit, turning him into an Alp. He hadn't a clue it happened at first, merely going on with his "life". He worked like a werewolf. The moment he went to sleep at night he fell under the witches control. The Alp was sent to give each member of the family nightmares.

He remained unaware for a year. His family suffered for a year. Eventually, when he turned thirteen, his parents realized something was wrong with the situation. Roderich was the only one who evaded nightmares. They took him to a witch to pinpoint the problem. The witch pegged him as an Alp. Horrified, the family sent their confused, abnormal child to the Zodiac school.

At the school, away from the control of any witches, Roderich learned to control his powers. The more control he obtained, the less human he became. The amount of sleep he needed each night seemed to decline slowly and he developed a taste for blood.

Roderich has gone through a few phases at the Zodiac School, alternating between being social and friendly and spending all his time playing music. When social, Roderich could hold a few friends and relationships as well as sleeping around a bit. While playing music, he mastered the piano as well as a few other instruments.

Small RP sample:
Roderich slunk lazily through the bookshelves in the school library. It almost felt strange, picking books off the cart and pushing them snugly between other ancient, dusty tomes. It was job he never thought he would have in a place he never thought he would return to. Most students upon finishing high school would have left and never looked back. Yet the Austrian had grown attached and stayed, obtaining a nearby apartment and snagging a job in the musty old school's library.

The job suited him just fine though. His days could be spent in the silence, within a dusty room that students seemed to avoid like the plague. They only ventured in when they were forced to, or, perhaps, if they were odd birds who enjoyed reading and studying. On top of that, he had to power to yell at students when the urge hit him, but he could still chat freely with the few whose company he actually enjoyed. It was almost the perfect job, aside from the pay.

Placing the dying books back on the shelves did not even take the young man long. No one checked them out. No one brought them back until the end of the school year. Once finished the job he selected a book for himself before retreating to a lonely corner of the library to read in seclusion and ignore the building layers of dust. Perhaps a student could dust the place for him one day. Perhaps. Until then, he could just enjoy the way the dust drove everyone away.

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Arthur Kirkland

Arthur Kirkland

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PostSubject: Re: Graduation// Roderich Edelstein   Graduation// Roderich Edelstein Icon_minitimeMon Jul 25, 2011 3:23 am

I don't even know if I should bother saying anything about this, it's so good *u*

It's great having the ability to do your appication again after playing your character for a while.

Erm... I'm not sure what to do... accepted, I guess.

Graduation// Roderich Edelstein Zodiac11
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Matthew Williams
Matthew Williams

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PostSubject: Re: Graduation// Roderich Edelstein   Graduation// Roderich Edelstein Icon_minitimeMon Jul 25, 2011 4:11 am

I see nothing wrong with this. owo

Graduation// Roderich Edelstein Matthe10
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PostSubject: Re: Graduation// Roderich Edelstein   Graduation// Roderich Edelstein Icon_minitime

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Graduation// Roderich Edelstein
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