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 Keith Smith (Done) [a c c e p t e d]

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Keith Smith

Keith Smith

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Keith Smith (Done) [a c c e p t e d] Empty
PostSubject: Keith Smith (Done) [a c c e p t e d]   Keith Smith (Done) [a c c e p t e d] Icon_minitimeMon Jan 24, 2011 4:36 pm

~ T H E C H A R A C T E R ~

[center]Keith Smith (Done) [a c c e p t e d] Commonwealth_top_gold_scorer_by_lolzlover-d30rweo

Full name: Keith Smith
Age: 16
Hometown: Sydney, Australia

Creature: Chimera, 1/3 Human, 1/3 Eagle, 1/3 Demon
Favourite Subject: PE or any class he can manage to slack off in
Extra Details: He usually doesn't do work or skip classess he doesn't particually like, but if sport is involved he drops everything to be there.

Physical description: Keith is average height but tends to be slightly shorter than most guys, he is super speedy because of this however and is a strong swimmer. Due to being 1/3 eagle if the opportunity arises he can sprout a pair of wings and fly around, however if he flies for exxsevive amounts of time, like more than an hour on end, the roots of his wings will start to bleed and he will become weak and his shoulders will start to ache.

Usually the fact that he is a chimera doesn't change his appearance alot, he usually has deep green eyes but if the demon comes out his eyes will turn red. He had deep brown hair and can often be seen wearing a bandaid over his nose, the reason for this quite unknown. He often will look scruffy due to his love of animals and habit of following them so it is not uncommon for him to come to class covered in leaves and dirt. He also, although he gets dressed propporly in the mornings, ends up untucking his shirt pulling his belt off and using it as a rope for something and generally messing up his clothes in an attempt to have more fun around the place.
Biology: What's the creature like? A Chimera is not born a Chimera and usually been having to be genetically modified to be such. Chimera's are made of three parts; Their original form and two others, (however often they are portrayed asl ion/goat/snake it is possible to make one from a human). In Keith's case that is human, eagle, demon. Chimera's will take some of their abilities from each third, they get watered down in a way becominging weaker powers due to their being three sources. The Chimera will also keep their persanality for the most part as well, they may change because of the process but that is mainly mental, and usually cannot be influenced by the other thirds.

In Keith's case the eagle in him allows him to sprout wings if he wants to and he can fly, however dure to it being dangorous and painful if he spends to long he usually keeps them a secret along with his other third. Along with this he can talk and understand bird so often talks to crows or eagles. Because he is part demon he gets wary of people possibly hating him and will meerly hide it completely or leave it at that he is a Chimera, the demon doesn't just make him paranoid (which is really reguler human paranoia) it also allows him to use a slight bit of magic. He can make objects float and will grow large nails if he gets too angry.
Personality/Habits: Keith can only be really described as hyperactive and annoying. He is very self absorbed in a way in which he demands a contest will fix anything and usually wins at sporting games, if he doesn't win he will just make some sort of joke towards who ever did win. He loves animals and usually tries to protect them but also has a habit of carrying them around or taking them home, many poisonous. He is though sometimes quite timid, if he is in a situation where he is afraid he will cling to the closest person regardless of who they are (even if they are the one inducing the fear).

Keith always tries to keep a smile and be happy no matter what the situation is, often being oblivious to true peril. This can sometime land him in a bit of trouble, but not as much as having a total lack of respect for rules. If a teacher tells him to do something he is likely to nod and agree but not do it, he believes rules were meant for breaking and the more important a rule the more fun it would be to break. He lives on adrenalin and escapes out at night, during class or when told not to leave, if he was told to go to detention he'd ignore it and sit in a tree. And of course he prides himself on being a 'bad boy'. Although he is happy being a Chimera he prefers not to talk about his past and upbringing getting angry if people ask. Keith loves alchohol, even though he is underage, and love a good party often staying up until 2 AM on a reguler day.
History: Keith used to live in the bush with an uncle of his who was studying mythology and science, Keith enjoyed playing with the wild bush animals and playing pretend by himself and was a good kid. One day his uncle asked for Keith to assist him, little did he know that it would mean infused with the DNA of an Eagle and a Demon. After the process it was explained to him what happened and for the first week after he couldn't control his wings getting wing pains. He hated living with his uncle who treated him like an object and not a real living person, he did tests on him seeing how he was coping with the DNA every few days and generally ignored him for the rest of the time.

Eventually he ran away from his uncle moving to Sydney city, he moved into a house run by a man or was like a father for a bunch of kids who had gone off the rails. Keith didn't care for school and spent his time using his powers to rob small corner shops and would go on night long drinking parties, when he got back the man would punish him by lockin him in his room. Eventually it became to much and he hit Keith to the ground, he slit his nose on a wooden pannel and it scarred, thus he wears a band aid.

After a while his behvaiour worsened and the man coudln't control him, a strange women appeared that day deciding to take the roudy Keith to a Zodiac School to help him. That was when he was 15. He never questioned to women wanting to get as
Other Information: Ugh um I have no idea if this sucks or not...I'm really worried if I failed...

Role Play Sample: Keith sat on the ledge of the stair well peering over the edge at the peopple walking to class, he was quite happy with his little escape from Maths. When he was sure everyone was gone he sat up slowly jumping down off the ledge dusting himself off walking forward towards a courtyard finding a good tree to climb. Once he found one he took his shoes and socks off beginging to climb up, the tree was a large one and had pleanty of big branches for him to snooze on. Eventually he found one that would support his weight, he stepped over to it wrapping leg legs around lying down on his back closing his eyes smiling, "This is the life," he said in a relaxed voice humming to himself contently.

He opened his eyes when he heard sqawking, a crow had landed next to him. If it kept sqawking on like that he would be found, "Shhh!" He said placing his finger over his lips trying to get the bird to be quiet, it didn't work. "Stupid bird if you don't shut up I'll be found!" He then heard footsteps coming towards him, great. He sat up moving towards the centre of the tree grabbing some of the smaller branches pulling his body up higher into the tree hoping the bird wouldn't follow him and make him more trouble, no such luck.

"Look here," he said in an angry whisper scolding the bird, "if I get found I will snap your neck!" He shouted shooing the bird away, he wasn't really going to snap it's neck but that usually worked when trying to convince a crow to do something, "Please?"

~ O O C I N F O R M A T I O N ~

Your name: Merrin
Age: 15
Time-zone:GMT +10 I think
Email/AIM/MSN/Etc: Nope
Did you read the rules?: Pale Blue
Anything else you want to add: Eep I'm so sorry if it sucks there wern't any word minimums so I was working off the amount other people had used.
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Matthew Williams
Matthew Williams

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Keith Smith (Done) [a c c e p t e d] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Keith Smith (Done) [a c c e p t e d]   Keith Smith (Done) [a c c e p t e d] Icon_minitimeTue Jan 25, 2011 2:56 pm

You are certainly accepted, I see nothing wrong with this~ Change your name to Keith Smith, and post an intro if you wish~
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Keith Smith (Done) [a c c e p t e d]
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