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 Psh. What detention? [Keith, Ivan]

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Former South Korea

Former South Korea

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Psh. What detention? [Keith, Ivan] Empty
PostSubject: Psh. What detention? [Keith, Ivan]   Psh. What detention? [Keith, Ivan] Icon_minitimeTue Mar 08, 2011 9:55 pm

Fingers tapped against the table as golden eyes stared at the arms of the clock moving, second by second; YongSoo let out a deep sigh. Time was so slow. He puffed up his cheeks and stared at the teacher. Interlocking his fingers together, he wondered if he should seduce the teacher in order to leave this dreaded place. It would be rather simple: a defenseless look and a deep kiss. It worked quite well when wanting something. A smile tugged the corners of his lips, trailing his tongue across his pink lips. Then he blinked upon realization and shook his head, getting rid of the thoughts that were in his mind. He came here to change, not to remain the same from when he was back in his homeland. He sat back on the chair and blew lightly at his curl, making it bob slightly.

"This is so boring, da ze~" his voice droned lazily. What did he even do to deserve detention. Just because he refused to go to class, spending it outdoors instead... It didn't seem logical to give him detention for that. He couldn't even talk to anyone, seeing how he was the only one present in the room. He eyed the teacher. Perhaps he would resort to seduction, just this once. After all, it was so boring here.

Giving a little groan from knowing he wouldn't, he looked at the clock again. Only four minutes past. He wondered if time was purposefully slowing itself down just to keep him within the detention room. Was this punishment for all his deeds back home?! He let out his tails and swished them around. He would have loved to just run out of this dull, distasteful room. Honestly, the people of the school couldn't have made this room a bit more fun and colorful? He knew it took away the meaning of the detention room if the room was cheery and welcoming but honestly, the walls were just a dull grey. Like a blob. A shapeless, mind-numbing blob. He stared hard at the door, hoping someone interesting would come in and appease his ever-growing boredom. Perhaps if the person was interesting enough, he and the other could plan to get the hell out of here.
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Keith Smith

Keith Smith

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Psh. What detention? [Keith, Ivan] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Psh. What detention? [Keith, Ivan]   Psh. What detention? [Keith, Ivan] Icon_minitimeTue Mar 08, 2011 10:12 pm

"Oi get your hands off me bastard!" A voice shouted before huming down and the door was opened roughly, a male in a black hoodie walked in. A hand went to grab the hoodie back off but he quickly darted away and the door was closed. He too didn't understand why he was here. There was no practical use for half the subjects he learned, true he went to PE and one or two classess but the others he really didn't need, so apprently that was good enough reason to send him to detention. Okay maybe he skipped his last detention but hell, he didn't have to stay if he didn't want to!

Keith strode down the aisle of desks huffing angrily, he looked at YongSoo as he passed. Not the type of person he expected to see but oh well, looks can be decieving. Like Keith, he looked rough and acted like a complete and utter idiot but deep down was caring. Deep down. He pulled out a chair at the back of the classroom sitting down pulling his hoodie back huffing again. He hated detention and would do anything to get out, he stared at the windows. He could break them open and fly out or he could just run and let the teacher chase him. Yeah. They weren't going to work. Although storming out still sounded like the best idea, he wanted to cool down outside and play AFL, not that he expected anyone here to understand how to play. "What I would do for some surf..." He muttered under his breath irritably.

There wasn't much to look at in this room, nothing much at all. He pulled his phone out scrolling though his music and phone numbers of people he had long forgotten, some were good friends others he was too drunk at the time and had now forgotten even meeting them. He didn't delete them though, he may actually need them sometime in the future. Sometime possibly. He flicked back to music placing a headphone in his ear not really caring if the teacher saw or not, if the teacher complained, Keith would simply reply in being a smart ass. Take the teachers words and flip them around, yeah that's what he'd do!
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Psh. What detention? [Keith, Ivan]
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