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 ~Ukraine's Student Application~ [Complete] [a c c e p t e d]

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Former Ukraine

Former Ukraine

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~Ukraine's Student Application~ [Complete] [a c c e p t e d] Empty
PostSubject: ~Ukraine's Student Application~ [Complete] [a c c e p t e d]   ~Ukraine's Student Application~ [Complete] [a c c e p t e d] Icon_minitimeFri Feb 04, 2011 12:18 pm

~ T H E C H A R A C T E R ~

~Ukraine's Student Application~ [Complete] [a c c e p t e d] Ukrain10

Full name: Katyusha Braginskaya
Hometown: Kiev, Ukraine

Creature: Poludnitsa
Favourite Subject: Environmental Science, Horticulture, and Home Economics
Extra Details: When nervous, Katya tends to develop a bit of a stutter

Physical description: Katya is a bit above average height, around 5' 6.5". Her hair is cut short, pinned with bobby pins and kept back with a headband, though it used to be long and kept in braids. Due to financial crisis in her family, shorter hair is just easier to take care of. She is blonde with blue eyes and pale. One would think she'd develop something of a tan when she works on a farm over the summers, however she only manages to burn.

Her most recognized physical attribute, though, would be the larger-than-average-and-possibly-larger-than-large breasts. It is fabled that, when she walks, one can hear her breasts bounce.

Her style is modest, but due to her domestic financial crisis, her clothes are cheap and often buttons pop off or small rips and tears develop, but she always keeps a small sewing kit on hand for such cases.

Biology: What's the creature like? A Poludnitsa is a female field spirit, who appears as a tall woman or a girl dressed in white. She can be seen in the fields at noon, when the farmers are resting. Interrupting this visit is dangerous. Will-o-the-wisps are sometimes attributed to her. When school ins't in session, Katya spends her time at a local farm, helping out. Even during the school year, she'll sneak away at lunch to visit the fields to check on the crops. She's not a violent person, but if someone's in her way.... Watch out. She's very protective.

Personality/Habits: Katya is motherly and warm-hearted, always trying to put the needs of others before her own. However, she's a bit of a cry-baby and tries very hard to avoid conflict. The farm calms her and she can be often found in the small garden she keeps at home, tending to the plants. She also carried around a small bottle of IBProfen due to the back and chest pains caused by her breasts. She keeps flip-flopping on her decision to be either a nurse or a farmer when she grows up.

History: Katya was forced to take care of her younger brother and sister at a very young age. The three of them never knew their parents, or if they were truly related. In the city of Kiev, Katya was often sick, and decided moving out to the countryside would be better for her health. It turned out that one of the farmers recognized her as a spirit, and realized that her presence benefited the farm quite well. Watching over the crops soon became a habit and greatly improved her health. However, the farm recently developed a debt and, due to long and harsh winters, Katya decided her attendance (and her siblings') to the Zodiac School would take some of the stress off.
Other Information: Not any I can think of, except that if anyone applies as Belarus or Russia, feel free to change their past. I assumed they stayed together but y'know, whatever is cool.

Role Play Sample: Sometimes, she wishes she was a plant. Their job is to grow strong, to feel the heat of the sun and embrace it, change it into energy, create sugars for food. They have no worries, except to not be trampled or eaten (which are actually quite important but those thoughts don't occur at the moment). With a small sigh, Katyusha kneels next to the buddying sunflower. She strokes its leaves and can almost see a visible change in the vibrant of the green hue. She murmurs words of encouragement, before standing and gazing once more around the field. She loves all the crops and makes sure they grow strong, but the sunflowers are her favorite.

She gives a smile to the farmers taking a break and eating their lunch, before continuing on with her duty of healing the sick plants. They know now not to stop her. When she first arrived, the man who tried.... Well. No one speaks of that situation anymore. The farmers used to fear her, after that incident. But they've grown used to her gentle ways. They always inform the "New Guy", however.

She loves her siblings as well, but the farm is one place she can escape, where she knows she's needed the most. Her duties are important to her, but so is her mental health. She heals the plants, and in return, they heal her mind.

~ O O C I N F O R M A T I O N ~

Your name: Maddie or Madilyn, I have no preference~ I'll also respond to Ginger
Time-zone: Uh... If we're speaking America in time zone relations, my time zone would be Central.
Email/AIM/MSN/Etc: email is
Did you read the rules?: Yep~ I'm technically wearing two shirts... One is purple, but my sweatshirt is red. It snowed and is cold :3
Anything else you want to add:Nope! Nothing in particular. Except that I chose Ukraine to be a sort of... farm spirit because I felt that it fit her

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Matthew Williams
Matthew Williams

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~Ukraine's Student Application~ [Complete] [a c c e p t e d] Empty
PostSubject: Re: ~Ukraine's Student Application~ [Complete] [a c c e p t e d]   ~Ukraine's Student Application~ [Complete] [a c c e p t e d] Icon_minitimeFri Feb 04, 2011 1:31 pm

Lovely, hun, I like it! <3 You are certainly accepted, and it'll be nice to see another girl around here! c: Start posting around, maybe post an introduction so you can meet people and such and such.
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~Ukraine's Student Application~ [Complete] [a c c e p t e d]
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